Christmas 2014: celebrity style

I took the kids to meet Santa so they could tell him what they want in their pillowcase for Christmas. The youngest even wore her Santa’s little helper costume into the city … it’s getting a little skimpy after the third year, but oh-kay …

Someone at work looked a little startled when I said that’s what I had planned and asked how old my kids were: 8 and 11.

I know, I know.

We just haven’t TALKED about the whole Santa thing … it’s the elephant in the room (one of several … the joys of separated families). I casually asked if they wanted to see him and they said “yes” and that’s been it.

Could be a bit tricky on Christmas morning when all their cousins have to tiptoe around the topic.

Anyways, here are some of the festive snaps the celebs have been sharing on social media. Enjoy!


>> Laura Csortan: “4 days and counting sissy pooh! @los_scout 🎅 p.s this incredible sister of mine is onto baby number 4… Rocking rig sis.”


>> Hugh Jackman: “Santa came early and he brought a sister for Dali. No name just yet.”


>> Kathy Griffin: “Instead of a big red ball, shouldn’t Larry the dog’s mouth have a box of wine in it? #christmas”


>> Tori Spelling: “1st year with all 4 seeing Santa and no tears! #bigmilestoneWe love our Santa! #Christmas14 @thegroveLA


>> Neil Patrick Harris: “Santa Fred.”


>> Also from Neil: “Yay! David is back home, and the family all together! Time to trim us a tree! #trim #carols #JingleFeels.”


>> JLo: “Ok she did it!! Officially got me in the Christmas spirit!!! #coconut#love”


>> JLo also posted this adorable one: “MERRY (coconut) CHRISTMAS… #mylife #my purpose#thesetwoknowhowtohaveagoodtime”


>> Oprah: “From our front porch to yours @jimmyfallon #HolidaySpirit”


>> Nicole Ritchie: “Got to celebrate the holidays with these beautiful kids &@baby2baby


>> Erika Heynatz: “Eskimo Kisses for Christmas @themorningshowon7#winterwondeerland”


>> Tori Spelling: “Mitzi #CandyCane McDermott! #holiday2014 #mohawk”


>> Fergie: “#tbt 2013: 🎄 #familytime #underthechristmastree”


>> Jamie Oliver: “Completely blown away by all the pics from around the world absolutely stunning pics!! So here’s day4 of our #JamiesLoftmas insta challenges it’s all about your Christmas jumpers!! Heres mine bit of a #tbtpic as well but custom one for a christmas issue of @JamieMagazine! Show me yours no matter how hideous or crazy just tag them using the hashtag #jamiesloftmas @davidloftus


>> Delta Goodrem: “#Throwback #90’s my baby brother & I in the Christmas Spirit…. with a penguin 😳 as a reindeer I’m guessing…”


>> Ada Nicodemou: “My boy. No words. Xx”


>> Beyonce posted this cute pic of Blue Ivy.


>> Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: “It’s happening !! #XMascardselfie#missingonlyoneveryimportantfamilymember#”

(Diane seems to be hinting she’s preggers!!! The hashtag comes on quite a few of her Instagram messages at the moment … such a lovely couple.)


>> Geri Halliwell: “Of course Santa , I’ve been a very good girl!”


>> Hilaria Baldwin: “It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays in our building!! #hilariaypd (ardha padmasana vrksasana) #yogapostureoftheday.”


>> Also from Hilaria (with Alec Baldwin): “Bending over backwards for mistletoe kisses 🎄💋#hilariaypd (chakrasana prep) #yogapostureoftheday #BaldwinHolidayYoga.”


>> And … “I had an amazing little helper to decorate the tree! #hilariaypd (natarajasana) #yogapostureoftheday #BaldwinHolidayYoga.”


>> OK, just one more …: “Thank you @macys for making Carmen’s first #SantaClausmeeting so magical!! This Papá Noel was definitely the real deal!!”


>> Kylie Minogue: “It’s #Christmas time with @stefanogabbana.”


>> Kevin Bacon: “Happy to support #DelanceyStreet again this year good cause good tree #sixdegrees.”


>> Larry Emdur: “Yay !! Look who Santa brought me for Christmas .. The lovely, cheeky, naughty @samilukis in the cohost chair today :)”


>> Taylor Swift: “Uh oh Look what I did.”


>> Holly Madison’s cute family Santa snap.


>> Just a few of the endless Kardashian Christmas snaps from Instagram.


>> Oh and one more of Kardashian klan member Kendall Jenner in lingerie and a Santa hat on Instagram … as you do.


>> Paris Hilton: “Santa’s little helper.”


>> Sarah Michelle Gellar: “Getting ready to light this awesome tree #LegoLand.”


>> OK, it’s an ad, but it’s Liz Hurley in a Santa hat!


>> Bec Judd: “Getting ready for a big Christmas @fairmontwhistlr

Do your kids still get their photo taken with Santa?


Need a little more celebrity Christmas spirit? Check out these 2013 pics. 

Song of the day: David Bowie & Bing Crosby “Little drummer boy”


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2014: celebrity style

  1. Yes my 6 year old wants to see Santa and have his photo taken. He has an idea that the real Santa lives at the North Pole and all the Santas in the shopping centres are helpers. Last year was the first year we did the Santa photo because he was scared of him before that. At the Xmas party we went to recently, one of “Santas helpers” was there as Santa, but he hadn’t even bothered to put his beard on properly. It was just hanging there under his chin – so tempting for a young child to pull off, surely? I remember sort of suspecting Santa wasn’t real when I was 12, but I still hoped. I wanted to believe so much. It’s wonderful your girls still believe.

    • I love that kids come up with believing strategies. I don’t remember doubting for a moment or even noticing Santa changed/was in different shopping centres. The Santa at our local shopping centre has a read, extravagant beard, he’s amazing.

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