A supposedly fun thing

I almost killed my kids yesterday. Not in a you-are-driving-me-crazy way.

We live in a dim, cool semi. I had no idea Sydney was having an outrageously unseasonable heatwave. So I crammed a backpack with leftover pizza and Oreos and took the kids and the dog on a looooooooong walk.

It was very picturesque …


But it was freaking exhausting and arduous. Well, getting there was OK – I’d promised them a secret park a few kilometres away – but getting home was a sweaty nightmare. Even spotting a tawny frogmouth on the nest didn’t make it sparkle enough (although tawny frogmouth babies are INSANELY cute, especially when they yawn).


We all felt like death afterwards, even after I hosed us down on the trampoline.

And then we went to see a band, because one of the members is Brendan Gallagher  – formerly of Karma County – who played at my wedding. (That’s not why we went to see them, the reason is because he’s AWESOME.)

I’m a bit anal about being late, so I took the website’s indication that the band would start at 3pm literally. The support started at 4pm. The band – The Dead Marines – started around 5.15pm.


The kids were sooooooo over it by then. I was also a little broke from jollying them along with prawn dumplings, chicken fingers, ice-cream, lemonade …

Mummy also had a few helpers (those weird yellow cubes are polenta chips) …


And now the kids are gone. I had a mini weep when I closed the front door last night, after Husband lavished them with Bali souvenirs before taking them to his place.

I farking hate this separated family business.

Song of the day:  Snow Patrol “Make this go on forever” (the clip being an X-Files tribute is a completely freaky, delicious co-incidence)



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