I love this man


I may have mentioned a few million times how much I appreciate wit in a man. I’m also a bit of a sucker for musical talent.

I’ve been educating the kids recently on the brilliance of a musician called Brendan Gallagher.

He used to have a band called Karma County. They played at my wedding. Weddings weren’t their thing, but we begged.

See snapshots below:


Having Karma County play at my wedding blew my mind a little. It was second only to Neil Finn doing the gig in terms of fabulousness.

They serenaded me down the aisle to a song called Olana, which sounded enough like my name to be hopelessly romantic.

Here are some other ambrosial songs from their repertoire …

Ooooooh, this one is gorgeous …

They played this one at the wedding, tingles …

My current favourite song comes from Brendan’s solo years. It’s called When I Hear Strings and it’s magic …


It remains one of life’s great mysteries to me that Karma County didn’t find wider fame. They were so freaking wonderful. We discovered them when I nepotistically got Husband the gig as music reviewer at Cosmopolitan magazine.

The band sent us a thank you note for reviewing their album in the mag. Tingles again …

Sadly, that glowing review didn’t propel them to multi-millionaire mega-stardom.

Brendan’s voice almost gives me the shivers it’s so good. And his songs … It’s a crime more people haven’t heard them.

I love you Brendan. You’re bloody brilliant. And I’ve discovered – to my delight – while writing this blog that you’re performing with a few bands around town and have a new album out called Wine Island.

Oh, and this Sunday you’re playing at the Petersham Bowling Club … I wonder if I can talk my friend who’s visiting from up north to come and watch you sing?

Who’s your favourite musician?




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  1. Dave Mason. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. It’s unjust that talented people don’t make mega-stardom and Justin Beiber does.

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