It’s been one of those weeks (saved by the Hammaconda – thank you, Jon!)


I know birthdays are supposed to be fun things, but sandwiching work between celebrating mine last weekend and Sprog 2’s this weekend has been stressful.

It feels like I haven’t had a second to breathe, between all the celebrating and editing and writing and blogging and sending panicked emails to double check the animal farm was still coming, then being told they were coming on the wrong day …

Here’s what went down.

I cried a lot at my birthday treat: an Opera House concert featuring Paul Kelly and Neil Finn. Find out why by clicking here.

I laughed a lot over drinks with two of the most fabulous women in Aussie blogging – Lana Hirschowitz and Kerrie Sackville. Read all about it here.

I pointed out that Ginger’s Do Have Souls (and they need a hug).

I gleefully reported that Jon Hamm has a “personal” problem on the set of Mad Men that’s been dubbed the “Hammaconda”. Giggle about it here.

I launched a new initiative to promote Aussie bloggers at iVillage. Support it by clicking here.

The Kardashians stooped to a new low by holding a vajajay smell-off. Be horrified here.

Some of my favourite ivillage stories included …

This video I found of a dog doing housework – seriously, he even makes the bed and packs the dishwasher … no special effects, just dog biscuits, required!

Another video of a newsreader unwittingly started reading her own marriage proposal on air … and made me all teary in the process. Watch it by clicking here and let me know what you think.

A gallery of recipes using Cadbury Creme eggs. OH. MY. GOD. Have a mouth orgasm by clicking here.

I wrote about a man whose daughter thinks he died in a car accident, so he’s done the most extraordinary thing to let her know he’s still alive.  Read about it here. 

My eyes boggled when I saw the birth annoucement for Brinessa Martin’s 12th child. Most people would be running out of baby name inspiration by the time they got to their 12th, not Brinessa Martin, who named her new daughter Passion Brinessa Ajayla Quinatee Martin. Read her story here and see a video of the family in action here.

I was blown away by the selfless act of this Brisbane mum when her baby died. Read the heartbreaking story here.

My talented colleague Lana wrote a brilliant piece about despicable John Laws here. It’s called “John Laws here’s a little memo for you: It’s never the fault of the victim. NEVER”

But perhaps the most bizarre thing that happened was when a post we ran about a bastard who dumped asbestos out the front of the Sprogs’ former childcare centre. We called for people to help identify him and it really brought the worst out in humanity. He was accused of being everything from a Muslim to a wog or “lebo” … which is pretty disturbing considering none of the commenters had actually seen him.

Fortunately there were voices of reason, such as Tanya who wrote: “OMG…PEOPLE…its 2013… racism isnt cool anymore!…no matter who u r or where u think u come from…we are ALL of mixed race. This STUPID act was done by an idiot, no matter their race!”

Read the story here.

But at least I didn’t have to pose for my sixth mugshot, like Lindsay Lohan. Read her (latest) miserable tale here.


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