Is this the one?

On my first weekend of house hunting I inspected an apartment that my friends and DD really liked, but didn’t do it for me.

I threw the brochure in the bin afterwards because it was on a busy road.

The garbage collectors took my rubbish away yesterday so I can’t retrieve it, which is a bugger because it’s back in contention and I love staring at hard copies for planning purposes.

The real estate rang me and said the auction has been postponed, which is code for there being a lack of interest.

And suddenly my curiosity was piqued. I started thinking about all the positives of the property.

Lack of interest means more power to negotiate.

The unit is also large, renovated and has a double lock-up garage. It’s an older building, there are no lifts and the strata fees are relatively low.

It’s in an awesome location, within two blocks of bars, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.

It is also – coincidentally – within two blocks of where I went to marriage counselling … but I’m long past feeling PSTD about that. I’m just focused on being able to drink a margarita at a bar and then toddle a few metres home.

Unfortunately, the apartment’s balcony is pretty pointless due to the traffic noise, but when the sliding door is shut its quiet inside.

It wouldn’t be my forever home, I’ve decided that will be my next move. This is just where I live until my kids move out and the dogs shuffle off this mortal coil, bless their sweet little souls.

While I would prefer a backyard for the fur babies to roam while having their last wee of the night, this apartment complex has nice gardens that we can do a quick twirl through.

The youngest is deeply opposed to the place because she’d have to catch two buses to school, so I’m trying to bribe her with promises of buying a Suzuki Jimney (her dream car) as my next car, which she can drive to school when she turns 17 and gets her P plates.

I have requested a contract and the strata report for the apartment and I will seek another inspection during peak hour traffic to ponder the noise pollution, so anything could happen at this point.

But it’s definitely sparked a little excitement in my property hunting heart.

I was starting to feel a bit panicked about my scant prospects for a new home after last weekend’s slim pickings.

Fingers crossed some more stock comes onto the market this week to give me a little perspective on whether it’s the right move.

Opinions welcome as I’m on the fence on this one.

Song of the day: Crowded House “Better be home soon”

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