Memory loss

It’s all very well to justify driving into work once a week by packing my breakfast and lunch, but it’s not much use if I forget to put them in the car.

I was soooo annoyed with myself when I parked in the city and realised my bag containing a wholemeal BLT roll and tofu green curry with brown rice was still sitting on the kitchen bench.

Fortunately I knew my ex was dropping off the youngest’s goods and chattels at my place, so I asked him to put the forgotten food in the fridge.

Just another little reason why it’s good to be on speaking terms with your ex.

It means they can be my breakfast and lunch today, rather than being binned.

Not long after arriving at work with my cafe-bought Vegemite Turkish toast I remembered that I didn’t need lunch anyway because I was ducking to the launch of a new Jack Daniel’s whiskey called Bonded at a cool bar called Maybe Sammy.

I sipped an absolutely delicious cocktail called a Lynchburg Highball featuring Jack Daniel’s Bonded, peach wine, orgeat and supasawa, topped with bubbles.

I was feeling pretty famished when a fancy cheese and preserved meats plate finally came out at 1.45pm and I fell upon it greedily, wrapping a piece of prosciutto around a breadstick and shovelling it down as I dashed back from my lunch break.

Everyone else hung around to sip more cocktails, lucky devils.

That’s me in the denim jacket on the left, photographed through the glass.

The barrels used to make Bonded were hand selected for their unique and particular characteristics of deeper colour, flavour, and aroma, which bring a darker, richer, and more oak-forward character to the whiskey.

I was surprised to learn at the event that Frank Sinatra was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s because he loved it so much.

Did you know that?

Sinatra was introduced to the spirit by his friend Jackie Gleason. The whiskey’s historian Nelson Eddy reckons the brand would never have become one of the world’s biggest selling American whiskies if wasn’t for Frank.

“Frank’s introduced to Jack Daniel’s in around 1947, we’re a brand that’s under 200,000 cases at that point, very small brand,” Eddy once told Forbes. “And the only reason Sinatra finds out about it, he’s at a bar with Jackie Gleason. Gleason turns to him and says, ‘Have you tried Jack Daniel’s?’ He tries it that night, he falls in love with it, he feels like he’s discovered it and given the number of cases that were out there, in a way, he did discover it for many, many people. He starts calling it, from the stage, the nectar of the gods and the best booze in the world.”

As a result, for many years the whiskey was on allocation because the distiller couldn’t make enough of it to satisfy demand.

I wonder if that makes him The Godfather or celebrity influencers?

Sinatra’s decades-long relationship with “the nectar of the gods” was nurtured by Jack Daniel’s salesman Angelo Lucchessi, who became his close friend.

When Sinatra died in 1998, he was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, a pack of Camel cigarettes, a Zippo lighter and a dollar’s worth of dimes. The dimes were reportedly in case he needed to use a pay phone to order more whiskey or cigarettes.

I felt like burying myself in whiskey after picking the youngest up from skipping practice. She ranted all the way home about how unhappy she was about moving house. It was a blast.

Mind you I felt pretty blah about it too as I kicked the dogs out into the rain for a wee ar 10pm and contemplated how unpleasant the task would be once I was in an apartment.

Argh, what have I done????

Song of the day: Barbra Streisand “Memories’

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