That’s just crazy

You know the apartment I was thinking about buying? Well … it went for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the price guide.

Wanna know the final figure under the hammer at auction? $1.44million. The ad said $1.15million.

How crazy is that? Very, very crazy. Although Sydney people are so accustomed to the insanity that hardly anyone has raised an eyebrow when I’ve told them.

Sure, the unit was big, but it was totally unrenovated and located in an unremarkable 1970s apartment block on the Pacific Highway, directly opposite a huge TV tower.

This is what the main bathroom looked like:

I can think of many, many better ways to spend almost $1.5million. Sydney has gone officially nuts.

For example, I could buy this cute place with ocean glimpses in Coledale near Thirroul:

I could even buy an island. Worthington Island in Queensland (pictured main) sold late last year for just $385,000 and Tasmania’s Ninth Island is currently on the market for $1.98 million. Bargain.

On the other hand, $1.44million for an unrenovated, three-bedroom apartment on a highway isn’t anywhere near a bargain.

I don’t think I’ll be downsizing any time soon.

Song of the day: John Mellencamp “Pink houses”

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