The choices you make

I did so much walking over the weekend. Three ambles a day. Lockdown is such a bore. And it looks like we’re in it for the loooooong haul.

I walked with my dogs, I walked with my sister, I walked with my friend Wendy, I walked with my friend Alice, I walked with my friend Fee and I walked with my friend Emily.

We were carefully socially distanced on all occasions, of course.

The latest restrictions mean we can only walk in groups of two. So my Saturday trio stuck their headphones in their ears and joined a group call via Whats App, then traversed the neighbourhood five metres apart.

Everyone in my suburb is walking too. All the dogs don’t know what’s hit them. Apparently my sister’s schnauzer had to be carried to bed the other night because he was so exhausted.

On my final walk of the weekend we passed two women drinking cocktails as they promenaded. Creative.

When I wasn’t walking, I was cooking.

I made BLTs, I made slow-cooked lamb shoulder with pomegranate seed studded cous cous, I made Caribbean crab soup and I made Moroccan lamb filo parcels. The parcels were delicious – I used leftover roast lamb mixed with spices and onion and crumbled feta …. Mmmmmm.

While I enjoyed all the walking and talking and cooking, I am getting a bit sick of the Groundhog Day aspects of lockdown. And it’s only been two weeks. I want to run away to somewhere warm where I have no responsibilities or restrictions.

But I won’t be running anywhere soon, especially if my friend Nic’s calculations are correct. He posted a graph on Facebook of the latest COVID stats that suggests we could be locked down for months.

Fingers crossed we’re out by November. DD texted me on Friday night to say the band that played at my wedding – Karma County – are going on a 25th anniversary reunion tour.


I was beside myself at the news. On the other hand, my ex looked underwhelmed when I told him. I presume because he’s left most of our shared past and the things and people in it – other than our children – behind.

I told Alice on our Sunday walk that I had a tight budget for my wedding and decided to allocate most of the funds to the band, finger food and my outfit – a Collette Dinnigan frock and Gucci shoes.

We skipped the bridal party, wedding cake, wedding cars, sit-down dinner, video and other fripperies. The ceremony, reception and official photos all took place in the same room – a photographic studio on Broadway.

I was stoked with our decisions. Although I did feel a passing regret about not having a video of the wedding … well, until I got a divorce and then it wasn’t such a biggie.

Karma County were awesome and worth every cent. They played a beautiful song called “Olana” as I walked down the aisle, which sounded close enough to “Alana”.

Olana when I find thee
I’ll hold you
So close, so close to me
I wonder when will I see
The high plains
Where calm reigns
So far from me

Well somehow I’ll now
‘cause my love tells me so
She tells me I’m free
Olana when I see you

Olana, vision on high
Do I get my peace
In this world
Or in the sky
Are you just heavenly pie

Well somehow I’ll know
‘cause my love tells me so
She tells me I’m free
Olana when I see you

Then they rocked through a set of our favourite Karma County songs.

It was very, very special.

I can’t wait to watch their reunion gig.

I really hope we are well out of lockdown by then.

Get vaccinated people! This Heineken jab ad is brilliant. It makes me feel mighty real …

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