Loved it so hard

There’s a lot of tellie being watched at my place during the plod through lockdown. The kids take turns to sit with me on the couch because they have very different taste.

I got it wrong last night – I introduced the youngest to Heathers. Remember the movie with Winona Ryder and Christian Slater? I just remembered it was a teen classic. I’d forgotten he tricked her into killing the mean kids at their high school. The youngest was aghast. She’s not opposed to horror movies, but black comedies about murder aren’t her thing.

The eldest would love it.

The youngest and I had better luck with Dirty Dancing the night before. I hadn’t seen it forever and I loved it so hard.

Our NBN has been a bit dodgy this week, so Netflix wasn’t an option for movie night. I dug around in my extensive DVD collection (I’m so old school) and found Dirty Dancing.

The youngest had never seen it and was a little skeptical, but I brushed aside her concerns and pressed play.

The script is pretty bad, which I will kindly suggest is why the acting is so wooden … but it didn’t matter. It was bulk fun.

The youngest enjoyed the movie, but she wasn’t particularly buzzed by the famous line “nobody puts Baby in the corner”. She also said “pffffft” to the iconic scene where Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey above his head. It’s hard to please a champion skipper.

I was impressed, so I did a little Googling. According to Grey, the lift wasn’t rehearsed. “I would never practice the lift — I was too scared. The day you see me do it in the movie is the first time I do it,” she told SELF.

It was also so cold while they filmed the scene where Johnny lifts Baby in the lake that they couldn’t have any close-up shots of the pair because their lips were blue.

The youngest was initially horrified that someone as old as Johnny was making goo-goo eyes at someone as young as Baby. The youngest thought Baby looked “about 12”.

Her disgust was replaced by shock after Google revealed Patrick was 35 when he played Johnny (who was supposed to be 24), while Jennifer was 27 (who was supposed to be 17).

Hopefully that means she will be immune to the charms of lecherous older men.

Oh, and in real life, Patrick and Jennifer didn’t actually get along.

In his autobiography, he mentioned: “We did have a few moments of friction when we were tired or after a long day of shooting. She seemed particularly emotional, sometimes bursting into tears if someone criticized her. Other times, she slipped into silly moods, forcing us to do scenes over and over again when she’d start laughing.” 

But the romantic ending of the movie, as the strains of Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes singing “I’ve had the time of my life” begin, had me grinning like a madwoman. I was in heaven.

Love rules!

Speaking of which, I provided care and sustenance to locked down DD yesterday in the form of this prawn curry …

And here’s Alana’s lockdown cooking tip of the day – it was made in less than 15 minutes with a curry paste from this range at Coles. I used the Malabar one:

Yuuuuuuummmmmm. DD gives it two thumbs up.

Song of the day:

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  1. I use the spice tailor packets with the herbs U crush, then 2 separate sauces. They’re amazing, & yes, 15 minutes to cook. Kids love them

    1. I’m often disappointed by pre-made spice packets but I’ve tried two different Spice Tailor ones and enjoyed them. Lovely to hear from you

      1. All natural too. As U know we can’t have alot of packaged stuff due to Zac’s intolerances to preservatives but these dont give him any reaction! Yay!

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