Learning from past mistakes

I’ve finally started watching the latest series of The Crown and found myself oddly fond of Princess Anne and her no-nonsense ways.

I got a little emotional yesterday when I saw the little hand of Princess Eugenie’s new bub. I think because I’m hoping the Royal Family is finally learning from its past mistakes when it comes to matters of the heart and parenting.

The Crown is full of mistakes in that regard – it’s quite devastating to see what a mess they all were and the awful way Diana was tricked into joining them.

Anyways, as I went in search of Princess Eugenie news I stumbled across the pic of Princess Anne watching tellie that’s at the top of this blog post. These comments sum it up:

And that’s it from me today because I forgot about blogging in my frenzy last night to get the latest Drinks Digest newsletter ready. It features an article from DD on a virtual whisky tasting I organised for him to attend in my place yesterday arvo.

That turned out to be a blessing as the woman who I trained to do my job – who took over when I was retrenched – was there.

Anyways …. Sooooooo much writing is being crammed into each day. My head is spinning.

Gotta go – the bloke from Wynstan with a Y is coming at 7am sharp to fit my bedroom shutters and I forgot to move my car out of the driveway. Stand by for happy snaps tmw.

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