The big reveal

The doctor called yesterday with my MRI results. He said they showed my brain looked completely normal.

I thanked him for the good news, then told him that I was working for a women’s health website and had numerous theories on the cause of my balance issues that we could pursue, including a thyroid test. He laughed nervously and agreed a blood test mightn’t be a bad idea, as it’s a year since my last one.

He also noted that my cholesterol levels were elevated, so he wants me to do one of those fasting test thingies. I felt very old being told that. Currently I’m not taking any middle-aged medications. I squirt some nasal spray each night for my allergies and that’s about it.

So I need to find the time to pick up the pathologist form and do the test.

I texted DD when I got off the phone to the doctor and said: “My brain is completely normal … to look at.”

Because my brain definitely isn’t normal in its thought processes.

But you knew that already from reading HouseGoesHome.

Anyways, I promised you some shutter photos. So, on with the show … I’ve called it the big reveal, but it’s really a work in progress. I think it will look more finished when I get the pictures hung and there’s still a heap of crap lying around. My styling for the photos is also a bit haphazard because there was a child to collect from skipping and dinner to cook.

Here’s the lounge room:

And here’s the bedroom. DD reckons it looks like a hotel room!

No song of the day, ran out of time.

Have a great weekend. Catch you Monday.

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