Seeking the light

I’ve decided some positive blogging is in order to counteract my current cranky mood.

I’m feeling a bit grrrrrr about my latest round of money, health and parenting worries. But ain’t nobody got time for that, we’ve all got problems of our own.

I have no idea how DD puts up with my moodiness – he copped another round last night. Although, my former colleague Claire Isaac had a rant about the rollercoaster of the menopausal years in an article for Hey Ladies, called “We’re talking about menopause more and more, so how come men still don’t get it?”

She said: “Why do so many men not understand it? That our bodies are defeating us, that we’re not sleeping properly, that we’re aching, tense, that our hormones are haywire, that we’re feeling anxious or depressed or both, that we’re putting on weight or unable to shake weight for no apparent reason, that our hair is doing weird shit, we have headaches, we feel like we’re burning up from the inside out, we can have gum issues, our nails can be fragile, our allergies can flare up, we can panic about things that never bothered us before. We can feel unattractive and undesirable.”

Yup. I suspect there’s a bit of that going on. Ooops sorry … the good stuff …

I’ve finally moved into the back room at my place, more than six months after the mini renovation started and around two months since I last laid eyes on the builder.

There’s still a list of stuff he hasn’t finished. I’m contemplating how to deal with that.

But there are lots of positives to my new look house. I love finally having an internal laundry and a deck. And now I have a really big, bright bedroom. Previously I slept in an airless, pokey one, which was made even more uncomfortable by being crammed with excess furniture during the renovation, including a spare mattress that’s been leaning against the window and blocking most of the light..

The new bedroom carpet installed by my brother in law is so plush that my feet literally sink into it. And I wake up every morning to watch the sun rise. Yesterday morning’s beauty features above. I took the photo as I lay in bed and the colours exploded across the sky.

I also went to my contracting gig yesterday wearing the most fabulous jeggings. I got them at Target for $30 and was initially pissed off when I scanned them at the checkout because I thought they were on sale for $10, but I decided to treat myself and I’m so glad I did.

Much as I love my old (more expensive) Dejuba jeggings they tend to roll down over my middle-aged pooch. The Target ones do not. I feel very lithe and slim in them and I’m intent on not ruining that mental image by looking at myself in any shopfronts or mirrors.

Are you the same? Are you still slim and young in your mind until you accidentally see your reflection and get a rude shock?

Anyways, those are two nice things about yesterday. I hope there was some nice stuff to balance the annoyances in your day too.

Song of the day: Split Enz “I see red”

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