Wouldn’t it be nice?

My new workmates continue to be very lovely. I walked into the office yesterday to find one of my editors had put a Ferrero Rocher “Christmas cracker” on my desk and the other had baked me a plate of shortbread.

After attending a few planning meetings – it felt really nice to be brainstorming again, it’s been a long time – I was invited to the office Christmas lunch, which included this lamb and roast cauliflower dish and a few glasses of rose.


It was an unexpected treat, as I’m just a contractor.

I’m also still knee-deep in trying to get my head around everything, but hopefully I’ll get up to speed soon. I’m doing a few hours today, then a day next week and day the week after – all from home luckily – before heading back into the office for the rest of January.

After that, who knows?

The “who knows?” bit feels particularly relevant today as we wait for more news on the Northern Beaches COVID cluster. Blimey it’s escalating fast.

I’ve cancelled my swim with DD today that I was looking forward to. We were also meant to be going to a Christmas gathering in Newcastle this weekend, but with everyone from Palm Beach to the Spit Bridge asked to stay at home for three days, we’ve cancelled our plans. Let’s hope the situation gets under control soon, such a shocker time for it to happen.

Fingers crossed for a healthy, happy, COVID-free weekend for you all.

PS In more entertaining news, I discovered there’s a “Moonshine University” in Kentucky. Their communications department sent me a press release yesterday about spirits trends for 2021.

It explains: “Founded by David Dafoe in 2012, Moonshine University is the nation’s premier educational distillery and the exclusive provider for the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. Located in the heart of Bourbon Country, Moonshine University offers comprehensive, hands-on training and services to the distilling industry.”

Well, there you go!

Song of the day: Alice Cooper “School’s out”

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