Hits and misses

How was your Monday? Mine was filled with hits and misses.

The hits:

>> The builder has promised to come over on Thursday to finish off the renovation (I will believe it when I see it).

>> My brother-in-law might have a carpet off-cut for my back room, which means I won’t need to polish the floor in there (which also means I will have somewhere to put all the furniture while the living room floor cures from being polished).

>> I got paid for my book editing work on the SAME DAY that I invoiced. That NEVER happens. Woo hoo! As a result …

>> I started my Christmas shopping.

>> And booked a table at a bar that I’ve been wanting to visit for ages, to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for ages.

>> Then I made yummy lamb and haloumi burgers for dinner. I don’t normally make dinner on Mondays, as they are usually kid free, but I currently have full custody of the eldest due to Twitch the Rat requiring twice daily antibiotics and not being welcome over at his father’s house.

The misses:

>> I had unpleasant words with Niaz from Geeks in Sydney about his appalling service. He finally got back to me and wanted to know why I’d found someone else to fix my computer (after he said my hardware was stuffed and HP said it was totally fine). Erm, why would I call someone who said they couldn’t fix it? My chances of a refund aren’t looking good.

>> Centrelink rejected my claim for JobSeeker because I didn’t provide enough forms of identification. (This has since been rectified electronically, but the wheels of bureaucracy mean I need to also go to my local Centrelink office and show them the actual, real-life copies … there go a few hours of my day in a queue.)

>> I received confirmation that I’m not invited to Christmas with my ex’s family this year, which means it will be my first Christmas without the kids. It will feel so strange not to see them, but I’m lucky that we’ve had the last six Christmases together following my marriage break up.

>> I still don’t have a job … or even a job interview. But I do have another freelance gig booked, so that’s something.

How was your Monday? I hope there were more hits than misses.

Song of the day: Boomtown Rats “I don’t like Mondays”

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