Things I don’t have to worry about

I got an email from the eldest’s school yesterday informing me that there had been a nit outbreak.

Normally those words would strike dread in my heart as I’m really not in the mood to spend another night combing conditioner meticulously through my offspring’s locks.

But I was a bit whatever this time, because the eldest has a (very striking) buzz cut these days.

Hallelujah …

Although, my scalp immediately started to itch.

I’ve seen a lot more of the eldest’s buzz cut over the past few days, as a major project has been underway on the breakfast bar to transform a sloppy joe into a wearable artwork.

It’s been meticulously stitched and decorated with twine and transfers and bits of fabric and shrinkies.

There has been much sewing and ironing, which has provided some unexpected companionship as I cook dinner and pack the dishwasher.

The youngest retires to bed immediately after dinner, so it’s just been the two of us and the dogs.

The youngest was moaning the other day about friends getting pocket money. I noted that the friends do chores. The youngest agreed that was a fair point and dropped the subject, as she has no desire to do chores because she is knackered after playing netball three times a week and skipping four days a week.

(Yep, I’m a soft mum.)

Although she’s not entirely idle – she regularly makes herself eggs and avocado on toast for late lunch after school and does her own washing.

Tidying up her bombsite room would be a welcome addition to that list, but so far no good.

I have been blanching at the mess and fantasising about how awesome it would be to have a little apartment with a beach view that’s a doddle to maintain.

I am really over the whole big house/big yard thing.

But I’m hanging in there to get the eldest through the HSC and the dogs to an age where they’ve lost interest in madly chasing each other around the backyard.

Charlie the moodle also enjoys taking in the night air while humping his white tiger and seductively biting her ear. He’ll contentedly make love to the stuffed animal for hours on the grass in the darkness. I’ve no idea how it’s survived the onslaught for going on five years now. Is that a record for a dog’s fluffy toy?

In the meantime, I’m gearing up for my mini renovation, which will provide a little extra creature comfort and simultaneously get the house ready for potential future sale.

I’m off to look at windows and garage doors this weekend, in addition to finishing off clearing out the garage, so it can become a rat den ASAP.

Wish me luck and have a good one!

Oh and I think I’m coming down with DD’s cold.

Wish me luck on that front too.

Song of the day: Pink “Just like a pill”

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