It’s a VERY small world

DD was boarding a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide yesterday when he ran into our Newcastle friends Darren and Kirsten in the aisle.

The world is waaaaaaaay too small.

As Darren succinctly summed it up: “Unbelievable.”

D & K were on their way to Adelaide – via Melbourne – to see Queen last night.

DD was on his way to Adelaide – after visiting Melbourne on business – to attend more meetings.

We’re in a “Pulp Fiction” Messenger group with fellow Novocastrians John & Lindy following a tribute night we spent at Lizotte’s together recently.

DD posted the pic of his encounter with D & K to the group and I noted that I was jealous.

Lindy thought I was referring to being jealous that D & K were seeing Queen. But I was actually jealous of D & K seeing DD.

I have been seriously DD deprived over the last few weeks due to his hectic travel schedule for work.

I feel the loss of the time together keenly, especially since he’s been sick with a cold he caught on his flight back from the US last week.


I want to give him a hug and make him chicken soup.

It will be way too long until I can do both of those things. DD’s travel odyssey continues tomorrow with a trip to Perth for a strategy meeting.

BUT … the small world story doesn’t end there …

DD was wandering along Hindley Street after his business meeting, looking for somewhere to have dinner. All the restaurants were absolutely heaving. He was about to give in and eat at the bar at a groovy spot called Apoteca when Darren appeared by his side and asked if he wanted to sit with them.

D & K happened to be having dinner prior to Queen at the restaurant DD had randomly wandered into!

Get. Out. Of. Town!

How’s that for two coincidences in one day?

I was slightly miffed to hear that D & K enjoyed having a chance to talk to DD without me taking up all the air space.

I think they said it more politely than that.

Anyways. Wow!

I was even more jealous after the second coincidence.

Maybe it’s a sign that I really need to buy that lottery ticket I keep talking about.

Song of the day: Kylie Minogue “I should be so lucky”

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