A little unexpected

Both my children have texted from New York over the past few days to tell me they miss me … without prompting!

I’m a bit shocked and quite thrilled that there’s been time to miss me as they shop and skate their way through Manhattan and Brooklyn.

I’m not sure the eldest will be so enamoured when he discovers I’ve donned hazmat gear and cleared out his room. I’ve previously been told it’s much easier to find things when the room resembles something from that Hoarders show than it is when I’ve tidied it up.

I went to Kmart last night to get some cheap plastic tubs to put under the bedroom window. I’m hoping it’s a successful parenting hack. I’ve filled the tubs with various items of clean clothing: one for clean socks and jocks, one for clean T-shirts, one for clean fleecy stuff … I think he’ll be quite startled to discover how many clothes he actually has when they’re not all tangled in a heap on the floor, which is what has happened in the past every time I’ve put a pile of clean clothes on the bed.

The youngest was thrilled to hear I’ll have her favourite meal ready when she lands in Sydney on Sunday – spag bol.

I’ve quite enjoyed not having to eat spag bol for the last three weeks, as she’ll happily inhale it every night, but possibly hasn’t been able to get an acceptable fix in New York.

When I’m not writing grocery lists and sorting washing I’ve been Googling Canada ahead of the World Skipping Championships and freaking myself out. It’s enormous! I’d been gaily thinking I wanted to go to Quebec and Prince Edward Island, the setting for Anne of Green Gables, but geezy louisy, it’s a long way between each of those places.

For a start there’s the plane flight to Canada. The fastest route is to Vancouver, which takes 14 hours and 20 minutes. Then it’s another four hours and 30 minutes to Ottawa, which is where the World Skipping Championships are being held.

I’d been thinking I could save money and catch a train from Ottawa to Quebec afterwards, as the two cities look so close on the map, but it’s about six hours away!

As for getting to Prince Edward Island … I hate to think. Maybe my Anne of Green Gables adventure will have to wait until another time? Although it’s been on the bucket list FOREVER. I even wrote a blog post about it way back in 2013. (Oh, and because co-incidence is my middle name, DD’s cousin Denise – click here for a refresher – owns a house on the island … get OUT!).

I get so giddy looking at the map though and seeing all the familiar town names from the book, not to mention when I Google images of nearby places such as Nova Scotia and think oooooooh, that would be nice too!

But the reality is that the World Skipping Championships go for nine looooooong days, so I’ll need to be sensible about what my time and budget will allow.

I do love to dream though …

Have you ever been to Canada? Any recommendations?

Song of the day: The Monkees “Daydream believer”




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