Baby come back

It was bloody hot in Sydney yesterday and we needed to escape the house, so I took the youngest to the beach after work.

It wasn’t just the heat that drove us out. I am very bad at saying “no” so I’d said “yes” to the eldest’s three Tuesday night sleepover friends staying another night.

The youngest and I are not fans of sleepovers, whether it’s our friends or the eldest’s. We prefer having the place to ourselves.

The eldest’s sleepovers are particularly blerk because they involve noisy 15-year-olds who travel in packs. The youngest went nuts when I told her the latest pack wasn’t going home.

I was bombarded with angry texts:

“What? No!”

”Tell them they can’t!”

”Nooooo whyyyyyyy?”

”Can’t you say no?”

”But can’t you say no for once pleeeaaasssse.”

I asked what I could do to make it up to her and she said she wanted to go to “DD’s beach and have pizza afterwards”.

And that’s how I found myself driving 26km to DD’s beach when he wasn’t even there. Sad face. DD is in San Diego shivering his butt off at a conference.

I tried to steer her towards a closer beach, but she stubbornly refused. So, since I’d asked what I could do to make it up to her and I’m very bad at saying no …

It was very strange to be in DD’s neck of the woods without his neck. Especially when I texted that we were in the area and he asked me to pop over to his place to water the plants. No him at his place was particularly sad face.

Speaking of sad face, the youngest and I were having a lovely swim when she suddenly squealed and said “Something stung me!”

I’d conducted a thorough beach inspection before we hit the waves and was sure the cost was clear, but my head started frantically swivelling around and sure enough there was a huge mofo of a bluebottle floating near us.

We both screamed and scrambled to the beach, where there were suddenly quite a few bluebottles scattered on the shore, along with a “Caution bluebottles” sign that I’m SURE wasn’t there when we went it.

Luckily the bluebottle tentacle just brushed across the youngest’s thumb, so it was throbbing but not hellish.

We beat a hasty retreat to the Newport Arms for pizza and cool refreshments: a lemon lime and bitters for the youngest and an Aperol Spritz for me. I’m starting to come around to the Aperol Spritz …

We shared a scoop of white chocolate and salted caramel gelato for dessert then hit the road again for the 26km trip home.

It was quite the mid-week treat for me despite DD’s absence. I must do it with him sometime soon.

Back at home it was still brutally hot, so we slumped on the youngest’s bed in front of the fan and finally watched the ending of You’re Got Mail. Ohhhhhh it was so good. Those last few scenes just slayed me. Tears!

Song of the day: Player “Baby come back”


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