Very very hawt

The eldest had the perfect excuse for not watching The Bodyguard with me last night.

“I need to tidy up my room.”

How’s a mum supposed to argue with that one?

There may be dissension in the ranks on this one, but I thought Kevin Costner was v v hawt in The Bodyguard – all silent and smouldering and prepared to do anything for Whitney Houston … mmmmmm …

It was actually a rollicking movie too, despite the cheesy plotline. The youngest and I quite enjoyed it.

I have a soft spot for Kev because Field of Dreams gave me my career motto: “Build it and they will come.”

Create something special and they will read and like and follow.

I’ve even found myself doling it out as advice to others.

Anyways …  Tonight the eldest is off to see Psycho, which is being screened by a church in its graveyard. Creative, a little unexpected and much more their speed.

I think I’ve secured agreement for us all to watch Looper next week. It’s a sci-fi movie with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt. The youngest isn’t a sci-fi fan, but is easier to talk into stuff.

I’m finding teenagers a little hard to entertain in the school holidays. They don’t seem to want to do anything and they especially don’t want to do anything with you.

I feel a bit bad about leaving them to their own devices, but the eldest assures me no one else’s parents organise activities with their 15 year olds.

The youngest will occasionally agree to play games, so we’ve had a few sessions of Connect 4, Jenga, dominos and Battleship. But mainly it’s just lying in bed watching movies together or them looking at their phones if they’re not out with friends.

I did drag the kids to a brief dinner at Surly’s a few nights ago. We had this deliciousness …


So much for the New Year’s diet.

And this morning the youngest and I are having brekkie together at a new Middle Eastern cafe that’s opened near our place. I offered to take the eldest but the concept of being out of the house at 8am during the holidays is quite alien to them, so the offer was politely declined.

Next week we’re all heading to New Shanghai for stir-fried rice cake with pork and XO sauce.

I’m going to try and drag them to the beach before the holidays end, but that’s about it. Other than that, I’m stumped.

Do you have teenagers? Do they want to do anything with you in the school holidays or would they prefer you to be seen and not heard?

Song of the day: Whitney Houston “I will always love you”





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