What are they searching for?

Every now and then I glance at the search terms that have led people to HouseGoesHome … and they’re invariably a bit whacked. Yesterday it was “is tom brady circumcised”.

I have no idea and I’m fairly sure I’ve never written anything about Tom’s foreskin, so who the fark knows why Google sent them my way.

But I was intrigued, so after I Googled “Tom Brady circumcised” to check what the heck it’s got to do with the price of eggs, I looked up the all-time top 20 search terms at HouseGoesHome.

And I thought, since I needed a blog post topic for today, you might like to see what they are.

As for the top 3 … the No.1 is “house goes home”, which has been searched 5876 times, bless; the second is “triceratops position” at 2965 clicks; and the third is “princess kate nude” at 2169 times.

So proud.

Anyways, here’s the full top 20:

1. house goes home

2. triceratops sex position

3. princess kate naked

4. housegoeshome

5. naked women alone in the home

6. alana house blog

7. sex move triceratops

8. princess kate nude photos

9. sandra bullock legs

10. triceratop position

11. triceratops sex

12. whitney houston corpse

13. triceratops sexual meaning

14. princess kate scandal

15. kates nude photos

16. celebrity sex tape

17. nude princess kate

18. triceratops sexual position

19. triceratops position pictures

20. the triceratops position

Again, so proud to be seen as the authority on such a classy selection of terms.

As for the status of Tom Brady’s penis  … about the only explanation I could find is that one of his football teammates used to be a Christian missionary who volunteered in a medical clinic in the Philippines, assisting with the circumcision operations …

For the definitive answer, you’ll need to ask his supermodel wife Gisele.

Song of the day: U2 “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”

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