That was epic

I’d like to say I rested and recovered over the weekend, but that’s not how I roll.

I’m more your overdoing it type.

So it’s hardly surprising that I felt a bit truck-hit on Sunday arvo.

Well, I DID rest on Friday and that was pretty glorious.

The kids headed off to their dad’s place and I curled up on the sofa with a big, fat book for the night.

I can’t remember the last time I curled up on the sofa with a book. I’m normally engrossed in social media, which has shortened my attention span.

I’m crediting the bookish atmosphere I’ve created in my newly styled living room. Looking at all those tomes on the shelves must be having a positive influence on me.

DD’s mum gave me an autographed book called “The Passage of Love” by Alex Miller for Christmas and I finished it off before bed. I have mixed feelings about it. I mostly enjoyed it, but it also annoyed me.

It’s supposed to be loosely based on the author’s own life and, if that’s true, I think he’s a bit of a bastard. He marries a woman he doesn’t love, finally leaves the unhappy marriage to run away to Paris with the woman of his dreams, spends a year there writing a novel in her loving arms, is invited back to Melbourne to launch his first book, falls in love with another woman two days after he arrives and never speaks to the Paris girlfriend ever again. He literally waves goodbye to her in Europe and doesn’t send a letter or a postcard or make a call or ANYTHING. Well, in the last few pages he finally grows a spine and decides to write to her after she contacts him to let him know she’s battling a serious illness … at age 80. So, it only takes him 50 years post-abandonment to man up.

Poor woman.

That’s a bit bloody ordinary, don’t you reckon?

I also kind of agree with a review that was in the SMH that “it lacks narrative pace because Miller seems intent to include or mention everything that he regards of moment. That leads, inevitably, to patches of tedium.”

Well, I’m not sure about tedium, but it’s a bit all over the shop.

Shop! That brings me to Saturday, where I spent seven hours trailing around after DD as he disliked every sofa for sale in Sydney.

Seven. Hours.

I snapped at him in IKEA for “sucking all the joy out of me” with his gloom. I’d been quite looking forward to some meatballs and a pootle around.

DD is a bit out of sorts from the stress of moving and having too much on. Mix that with my week of illness and we weren’t the most peppy of couples.

I eventually suggested we head to Domayne for a stickybeak, which turned out to be furniture nirvana for DD – two couches, two bar stools, eight dining chairs, a TV unit and a sideboard.

The shop assistant was a bit delirious and kept the shop open an extra half hour for us.

I was angling for the midnight blue velvet sofas, but he went for the neutral leather ones.


DD has been living with mismatched bits of old furniture and hand-me-downs for as long as he can remember. He’s looking forward to finally having some nice things in the living room.

I got new bed linen, curtains and a desk chair for the eldest at IKEA. I was given strict instructions by the eldest not to “decorate” … but … as if!

It looks very nice – I’ve repurposed our old Art Deco dining table as a big desk-cum-art-space.

I hope I won’t be in too much trouble with the eldest tomorrow …

Yesterday was a grocery shopping and cooking day. My friends Claudia and Ashley bought me an awesome cookbook for my birthday – The Blue Ducks in the Country by Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy – and I decided to make a few things from it: a roast cauliflower salad and a pumpkin pie. I possibly took on a little too much when I’m still a bit woozy.

I’ve had terrible trouble sleeping over the past few nights, what with the snot and feverishness. I also woke just after midnight on Sunday morning with the most cracking headache that exploded into my brain out of nowhere.

After baking my vegetarian treats – I refashioned the pumpkin & caramelised onion pie as tartlets sprinkled with roast almonds and pepitas and fresh pomegranate seeds for afternoon nibbles – I headed up to DD’s place for a swim in the ocean and some House of Arras sparkling to finally christen his new place properly …

The tartlets were sooooooo gooooooooood!

Wasn’t it the most glorious day? The sea always revives me when I’m low in energy or spirits, though I could have done without yet another batch of blue bottles on the shore.

And today the whirl of weekday life begins again. Getting out of bed isn’t going to be easy …

Hope you had a good weekend!

Song of the day: Jimmy Little & Karma County “The way I made you feel”

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