I shouldn’t knock it

I got the most awesome 50th birthday present from the government last night – an invitation to have a free bowel cancer test.

Hooray! Thank you!

I suppose I shouldn’t knock it. It’s very thoughtful of them really.

But way to make me feel old.

It didn’t help that I was already feeling pretty ancient after a day in the trenches.

My gawd there’s a lot of booze news at the moment. It’s been particularly busy on the diversity front, following Mardi Gras and leading up to International Women’s Day.

I wrote 10 news stories on Tuesday alone. I thought it was only going to be nine, but then the NSW government decided to send out a press release at 4.30pm announcing it was capping poker machines in Fairfield and other high-risk areas.

Yesterday wasn’t much slower. There were various diversity initiatives by Coca-Cola Amatil and Diageo, plus other stuff that fascinates me a few years into the alcohol industry, but would no doubt bore you senseless, such as chains cutting margins and whisky companies putting ASX holds on themselves.

Who AM I?

Then I went home to be a mum and cooked up cauliflower mac and cheese, steak and roast veggies for the kids, while finishing off a few more stories in between checking the oven.

Today will be even crazier. There’s an International Women’s Day function that Women in Drinks is holding, featuring Turia Pitt. I’m working there from 9 to 4pm, then I’ll head home to do all my writing for the day. I’ve already warned the kids it’s leftovers for dinner, while mum puts in three or four hours on the computer.

Hopefully things slow down a little after that, I may need a soothing swim in the ocean on Friday to smooth out my frazzled edges – I’ve put DD on notice.

I even slept in until 6.30am on Wednesday morning, which might sound early but was actually frantically late as I’ve discovered my eyes need a little time to focus properly before I jack knife out of bed to face the day.

The kids need to be up at 6.30am so I can drop them to school or the bus stop by 7.15am.

I was whirling around the house in a groggy fog yesterday, unable to even see what the time was on my phone. If there were mistakes in my blog post, you now know why – it got a blurry skim through while I was scrambling to get dressed.

OK, I’d better dash and prep for the school run.

Has the government sent you a bowel cancer test? Is it horrible?

Song of the day: Kylie Minogue “Spinning Around”




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