And they’re off

The kids are leaving this morning for a Queensland holiday with their dad. The house is going to be VERY quiet without them over the next 10 days.

While I won’t miss the incredible mess they make on a daily basis, there are lots of things I WILL miss. Like …

  • The youngest sending me photographs of herself wearing my clothes and asking if she can borrow it – latest favourite items are a denim shirt and Converse high-tops.
  • Sitting in the dark watching episodes of The X-Files with the eldest.
  • The youngest sitting on a bar stool chatting to me while I make dinner.
  • Taking both kids for late afternoon dips at the beach and jumping in the waves together.
  • Picking up the youngest up from playdates and having a glass of wine and a chat with her friends’ lovely mums before we head off.
  • Hitting the sales with the budding fashionista youngest.
  • Watching the joy the eldest gets from cuddling our dogs.
  • Playing board games with the kids on rainy afternoons.
  • Wandering out to give the eldest random kisses on the head while its buried in The Sims.
  • Being texted from the youngest from bed when she’s ready for her goodnight cuddle.
  • Waking up early in the morning knowing there are kiddos in my house, sleeping peacefully in their beds.

The youngest has charged me with pulling down the play equipment in her bedroom while she’s gone. I suspect she thinks it’s a bit childish to have a trapeze above your bed when you’re in high school.

She’s asked if DD can come over and deconstruct it, since he was the poor chum I got to build it a few years back. And we’ll dust off the proper bed from the garage for her. She’s already decided she wants new bed linen and a hanging egg chair for her birthday to give the place a new look. Oh, and she bought a yoga ball from Rebel with her Christmas money to sit on while she’s doing homework at her desk.

Speaking of deconstruction, I’ve realised the Christmas tree is still up. Oooops. There’s another job to keep me busy when the kids hit the road. Blah.

Have a fabulous weekend. Catch you next week!

Song of the day: Kim Wilde “You keep me hangin on”


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