We survived!

We were wandering along the beach late yesterday afternoon when DD noted: “Well, we survived.”

I furrowed my brow for a moment, not understanding what he meant, so he qualified it by saying: “We survived the heat.”

Oh, yes! The heat! We did!

It may have been dazzlingly hot in Sydney, but we had an awesome day.

The awesome day actually started the night before when we had dinner at my sister’s house with our lovely mutual friends Lindy and John. Then, because neither DD or I have air-conditioning, we decided to head to a hotel to escape the impending heat.

It was so hot over the weekend that a 10km stretch of the Hume Highway MELTED; it was so hot over the weekend that it hit a record 47.3C in Penrith; it was so hot over the weekend that they reckon the ground temperature at the Sydney Cricket Ground during the Ashes hit 56C!

Fortunately, it was lovely and cool at the hotel where we stayed.

I’ve decided I want a bedroom exactly like a hotel room one day, with plush carpet and block-out blinds and a king-sized bed and crisp sheets and a TV and industrial strength air-conditioning.

We slept like babies for almost eight hours.

We even managed to score a deal with breakfast thrown in so, when we finally woke up, we wandered downstairs for that and DD started sprouting crazy talk about going out shopping afterwards. I said he was MAD and we should just lie in bed and watch the cricket … even though I have absolutely no interested in watching the cricket, but it seemed preferably to schlepping to the shops. It didn’t take much to talk him into it, especially after we scored a late check-out until noon, and we lazed around having the most lovely, relaxed morning.

Then we booked ourselves tickets to the new Star Wars movie to escape the heat for a few more hours … via my house to turn a fan on for the dogs and eat a unicorn Golden Gaytime for lunch …

It seemed like a good plan, but the air-con at the dinky little theatre near DD’s house was so not up to the task and I was sweltering in that little dark room.

But, hey, it was slightly cooler than outside.

Then we grabbed a couple of ciders from the local Vintage Cellars and went for a swim and a swig and a swim at the beach.


Then I hoofed down to my sister’s air-conditioned house – fielding a sweet call from the kiddos during the car journey about their Queensland getaway, which includes a bathroom with flashing disco lights – for some takeaway Thai food and a laugh.

All in all, it was hotter than Hades, but I had a bloody lovely day. I could do with a few more of them.

How did you survive the heat?

Song of the day: The Power Station “Some like it hot”



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