Whatever floats your boat

Sooooo, it turns out I misread the cupcake instructions for the Year 6 fete – it was just slices of cake that needed to be individually wrapped.

Unfortunately, one of the school mums only read my blog AFTER I’d bagged them all and let me know my mistake just 10 minutes too late …


I knocked over the baking AND decorating and bagging pre-7am yesterday because I knew the day was going to be crazy busy.

Work involved a five-hour meeting sans lunch, followed by a hysteria dash to prep the weekly drinks bulletin, then I bolted home to do night kayak duty at Scouts.

It was GORGEOUS down on the water. The eldest paddled off and I clambered over the rocks taking happy snaps.


She also capsized during hijinks that I missed – I’d forgotten my glasses, so I there were a few anxious moments as I peered out at the water desperately searching for someone with short red hair in a yellow canoe … and couldn’t find one.

I’m preety certain it wouldn’t have been a fabulous result to have been supervising kayaking at Scouts and failing to notice my own child drowning.

I was very proud of the eldest last night. She eventually swam into view, then helped about 10 kids get their kayaks out of the water and onto the racks.

She kept returning to the water’s edge until everyone was out and every bit of equipment was safely stowed.

It wasn’t a diligence I was expecting from someone whose bedroom looks permanently ransacked.

I made sure to tell her she did good as we drove home and she accepted the compliment with silent grace.

And that’s it from me for the week. Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. I’ve got some lovely plans, I can’t wait to share how they turn out! Catch you on Monday.

(The main pic is me in a canoe with my sis and my dad when I was a kid.)

Song of the day: REM “Night swimming”




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