Taking a few deep breaths

I cried at approximately 10.15am yesterday morning when it was revealed that Australia had overwhelmingly voted YES for marriage equality.

I was literally shaking as I watched the live feed build (slooooooowly) up to the big announcement. It was such an amazing moment to witness.

I’m still livid that we wasted so much money on the vote, but at least the outcome was a positive one.

Crying over the YES vote was a much better use for tears that the other niggly things that have been bugging me this week.

For example, my car spent two days at the service centre having its annual service and finally getting the driver’s side window fixed after three months of having to open the car door every time I want to enter a carpark, which is at least three times a day since that’s how often I need to buzz myself into and out of my work carpark alone.

When I went to collect the car, the bloke behind the counter informed me that it WASN’T fixed because they needed to order ANOTHER part.


I didn’t yell, I just asked how many months it would be before the next part arrived. He assured me three weeks tops.

We. Will. See.

When I drove my not-fixed car to collect the kids from school, the youngest announced she’d been given a cake box that needed to be filled with cupcakes and returned on Friday morning for the Year 6 Fete.

Not just any cupcakes, but ones with a comprehensive list of ingredients and each individually wrapped.

Now I know it’s a bit whacked that it freaked me out so much, but I spent a few sleepless hours worrying about how the hell I was going to wrap my cupcakes without ruining the decorations.

And then spent a few more hours worrying about when the hell I was going to find the time to actually bake the bastards.

There’s the small matter of working full time and also that I’m required to be the female superviser at Scouts tonight.

I was initially supposed to supervise Scouts on the eldest’s birthday, but she said there was NO WAY she was going to Scouts on her birthday. She hates Scouts but I’m making her go for the full year because I gave her a trial run before paying her $350 membership and she assured me she liked it then changed her mind. She’s slightly mollified by the fact they’re going target shooting in December.

Anyways, I had to swap with someone for this Thursday, which turns out to be night kayaking. It has only belatedly occurred to me that someone who can’t swim is possibly not the best choice as a night kayaking superviser.

I’m sure night kayaking will be lovely, but it will also be stressful because of the not-being-able-to-swim thing, the Scout leader not liking me because we still haven’t given the tent back from a hiking trip three months ago (my ex finally dropped the tent pegs to me the other night) and frequently forgetting to wash her Scout shirt so she turns up in a studded black outfit that must do his regimented head in, and because I should be at home decorating cupcakes and cleaning my house and not feeling like my life is a bit out-of-control busy.

Farking cupcakes.

I’m making my reindeer ones – I ducked to Woolies before work yesterday to grab supplies and found some cheap clear plastic party bags that will hopefully do the stupid trick of wrapping them. Let’s just add to landfill people!

I’m about to drag myself out of bed to bake the bastards. Sigh.

But hurrah for the YES vote. I’m deliriously thrilled that love won.

Song of the day: Judy Garland “Somewhere over the rainbow”

5 thoughts on “Taking a few deep breaths

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  1. Oh Alana honestly I feel exhausted reading this! We had out fete day and I forgot to send the cake box back and I didn’t even feel bad lol. Grrrr how annoying about your car. That is seriously very annoying I hope that it is only 3wks until your window is fixed properly!

    I didn’t know you couldn’t swim, you love the water. I hope that you have a quiet weekend coming up to recover from the week!

    1. Guilt is a major driver for me. Speaking of driving, Renault rang today to ask how happy I was with my service … I think they regretted that after I unloaded …

      1. Yes Toyota were on the receiving end of one of those calls from me last week. I would have in the past killed myself to do everything but not anymore because honestly no one minds if you can’t do it all it is just us xox

  2. You really are super woman. Reckon it’d be fine to buy some ready made cakes and decant ’em into your baggies, but I bet you have already finished so that’s a shit bit of advice… next time huh? I love the sound of your studded black shirted girl. I had one just like her.

    1. I’m doing the cupcake thing again for a band event on Monday. Gawd. My studded black shirted girl will definitely march to the beat of her own drum during her life.

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