Lost connection

I slept like a baby over the weekend. I’m talking eight, nine, maybe even 10 hours a night.

And you know why?

We were invited by DD’s friends – Cliff & Sakura – to join them at a holiday house at Hyams Beach for a few days. It was down at Jervis Bay, which is famous for having the whitest sand in Australia or the world or something. It also doesn’t have mobile phone reception. No biggie, I thought … until it turned out the wi-fi wasn’t working at the house either.


So we we dropped off the face of the earth for a few days, except for a brief few seconds when I climbed to the top of a hill to wave my arm above my head to get enough bars to post the occasional Instagram shot.

Because if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.


Kind of.

You’d think after all that sleep I’d be feeling fabulous, but when I ran into my sister at Woolies after I got home, I told her I felt tired and ancient.

What’s THAT all about? And then I crawled into bed at 9pm. Yawn.

But the weekend itself was totally gorgeous.

Wow, Hyams Beach is divine.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, popped into the BWS at Huskisson for supplies and discovered French champagne was almost the same price as domestic, so bought a bottle to celebrate. We drank lots of bubbles and wandered down the street for dinner at the local – and only – cafe for a delicious steak dinner.

Then I had my first night of sleeping like a baby, woke up and we headed down to the beach, grabbed coffee at the cafe, lazed around on the sofa taking turns at picking songs to play off our iPhones (oddly, I chose a few AC/DC numbers – I have NO idea what they were doing on my phone – vale Malcolm Young). I also tricked everyone into thinking I was cool by playing Thrift Shop (I have NO idea what it was doing on my phone either, maybe it has something to do with previously sharing a cloud with my ex).

On Saturday night we cooked a simple but  yummy dinner together – potatoes in their jackets with sour cream, roast corn, marinated chicken skewers and Greek salad – and I regaled everyone with my very old Kylie Minogue stories and DD assured me afterwards that I didn’t talk too much so I didn’t have a panic attack even though I think maybe I did talk too much.

DD and Sakura agreed that Cliff and I were kindred spirits. We both like New Order (we played lots of that), getting up early, talking and other things I forget.

Then I slept another night like a baby and we got up and went for a swim in the glorious turquoise water and ate bacon and egg rolls at the cafe and then it was time to head back to the real world.

Sad face.

It’s also a bit lonely whenever I’ve spent a few days with DD and then he drops me off at the dog sitter’s place and heads back to his other life.

Here are some photos from the weekend. Click on them to get the captions. Hope you had a relaxing one too!





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  1. It is a beautiful part of the world! My parents live down there and we want to move but the kids not so keen! Dad thankfully always makes sure that their internet is working lol. Oh and Dad’s cousin owns the Berry Doughnut van! How good are the doughnuts, but you really need to go out of your way to get them now you don’t drive through Berry with the bypass that has been coming my entire life not even kidding (and I am 46).

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