And the winner is …

I had a bit of a La La Land at the Oscars moment last night.

I was presenting the award for Digital Communicator of the Year at the Wine Communicator of the Year Awards (the drinks association was sponsoring the award and I scored the invite).

So there I was at the microphone saying “And the winner is …” when I realised that the name I’d pulled out of the envelope was exactly the same as the one who’d won the previous award. That didn’t seem quite right. But there I was, rabbit in the headlights …



Panic ensued as the correct envelope was hastily found and handed to me.

And I finally got to congratulate the wonderful Ali Lansett from the Winemakers Federation of Australia on her win.

I took my lovely friend Claudia to the awards and she was such a good sport about me darting here and there taking photos, and then being charged with recording my moment of glory in fumbling the award preso to Ali.

The awards were held at the very fancy new offices of Pernod Ricard at Barangaroo, so there was oodles of fabulous Pernod Ricard wine, including luscious bottles of Mumm. Noice. And we managed to get in a decent amount of chitter chat and gobbling of pâté, so it was a pretty fab night all round.

And, because the world is too small, we ran into two of my ex ACP colleagues, Sophie Knox, the former editor of Australian Table, and Lyndey Milan, former Food Director of AWW. Much chin wagging ensued about the old days. Fortunately, Claudia is a former magazine editor herself, who saved me from the streets during the Recession by giving me freelance work, so she was in there boots and all.

I got home at 10.15pm to find the youngest waiting up for me, bless naughty little/big her.

She’d been at a school band performance earlier in the night that her dad attended, then he took her out for noodles before dropping her home to bed. But she’s fairly averse to nodding off without me.

Someone is going to be VERY tired this morning.

Here are some happy snaps from last night:

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