Scary mind snap

I got really cranky with the eldest on Monday night when she announced she wanted to go trick or treating for Halloween … but wasn’t going to wear a costume.

That is NOT acceptable! I ranted. If a kid your age turned up on my doorstep wanting lollies and not wearing a costume I’d tell them to rack off! Can’t you at least wear torn pants and pretend to be a zombie or something?

The eldest stared at me long and hard  … until it finally clicked that she looks like Edward Scissorhands without the scissors in her normal clothes, which are ripped and covered in studs and safety pins.

Ohhhhhh, what was I thinking? Your normal clothes look like a Halloween costume in our neighbourhood! Go for it!

The youngest, meanwhile, dressed up as a dead frog in her sister’s old onesie. I was a little worried during Monday’s heatwave that she would expire and echo her theme a little too closely, but it turned cold yesterday so the onesie went gangbusters.

One of my friends lives in a street that appears in endless “Best places for Halloween” articles – poor her – so she invited us over to soften the blow while she handed out 1000+ lollies to every child in Sydney. I had a lovely time chitter chattering on her front lawn with the school mums.

But I was a bit late for Halloween happy snaps, as I didn’t get there until after work.

Though I did manage to take these two shots in the front yard between breaths from talking and eating sausage sizzle:

The eldest ended up deciding she was too cool for Halloween and went to art class to draw this amazing owl in pen and ink instead …


As for the celebs, I reckon Bruce Willis wins Halloween costume of the year with this fetching number …

And here are some photos of the kids’ past Halloween costumes …

Did they celebrate Halloween in your neck of the woods?

Song of the day: Michael Jackson “Thriller”


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  1. Yeh the days of just yomping up your own road seem to be gone. At my girl’s place this year there were fewer kids than in the past. I was in the shit shop buying a witches hat and overheard a woman on the phone telling her mate that the best place was a street in Tarragindi. And they were busing the kids over there. Oh well, more sweeties for us.

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