Chrissy cruising time

I had my office Christmas party yesterday. It was bulk fun.

The drinks association team headed off on a catamaran, cruising Sydney Harbour for four hours. We dropped anchor at the Clifton Gardens beach for a swim, had a barbecue on the boat, cruised a bit more, then the boat made its to Walsh Bay so we could reluctantly return to the real world.

It was such a nice escape from the steamy temperature on land in Sydney.

The new me even went for a dip off the boat, unfazed by not being able to touch the bottom of the water. The new me was pretty proud of herself.

The new me was also horrified by the crush of people at Wynyard Station when I caught a train home.

I have no idea how tourists negotiate the place. There were no signs pointing to where you get tickets. There was no sign to a ticket office. There were no explanations of how to get tickets. There was no one to ask. It took me FOREVER to find an Opal single-ticket machine, as I don’t have an Opal card. The queues for the lone two Opal machines I spotted in my travels were insane. And don’t get me started on the heaving mass of humanity that was jammed onto the sweltering train platform when I finally got there.

I’m not sure it’s the friendliest way to introduce our a public transport system to visitors to the city. It certainly didn’t do it for this local.

Oh, and the trip home – door to door – took 90 freaking minutes. That bit wasn’t Sydney Trains fault … just the reality of the commute.


I am soooooo glad I don’t work in the city any more.

Here are some happy snaps from the fun part of the day:

 Song of the day: Pink “Let’s get this party started”

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  1. What a perfect Christmas party. We had a very helpful man help with our tickets at the Opal machine. All we needed to do was look helpless:)

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