Best work “training” session EVER

I work for an organisation called the drinks association.

They’re a not-for-profit mob that provide support, insights and data to the drinks industry.

I’m quite loving writing news stories about the latest happenings in the wine, beer and spirits spheres.

And then there are the training sessions …

On Friday night my brilliant boss Sandra took us to a hip, Prohibition-themed Darlinghurst bar called Eau de Vie to learn how to make cocktails.

That’s my kind of team building.

Making it even better was the fact that partners were invited too, so DD came along.

Unfortunately, DD was fresh off an overnight flight from Singapore (or should that be stale?) and totally shattered despite an afternoon disco nap.

But he rallied and arrived to Uber me to the venue almost on time.

We were greeted in the front bar with a rather spekky cocktail called The Aviator, which featured a cloud of fairy floss and a little paper plane stuck in it. Then we headed to a private room out back where a mixologist with one of those trendy lumberjack beards showed us how to make three cocktails – an Aperol Spritz, a Charlie Chaplin and a Southside.

We were given shakers and all the other cocktail paraphernalia and set to work creating our own versions. Well, DD set to work making ours. We decided to err on the side of caution and share each one. His pharmacist training stood him in good stead, he expertly mixed the most delicious Southside, all minty and yum.

Afterwards, it was request time. My co-worker Lisa requested espresso martinis, which were theatrically finished off with liquid nitrogen doused cream. Mmmmmmmmm.

DD also ordered something that came in a glass shaped like a little milk container and something with a toasted marshmallow on the side for “dessert”. One of the other blokes got a smoked something or other, which was amazing to watch being made, and my boss was handed something with a flaming fake $50 pegged to it.

By 9.45pm DD was so slammed by the jetlag that we were apologetically the first to leave. Eeeeek.

A video of other staff members dancing in nightclubs popped up in my Facebook feed at 4am …

I have NO idea where they get the stamina. But then, my nickname was Cinderella when I was in my 20s because I had to be in bed by midnight. Never been a night owl.

Here are some pics:

Song of the day: Rupert Holmes “If you like Pina Coladas”

5 thoughts on “Best work “training” session EVER

  1. What, no “Sex on the Beach” or “Flaming Orgasms”?!
    What happened to all the “rude” cocktails…passé, or what?! 🙄

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