Not entirely on top of things

My life is a bit of a scramble right now.

And it’s driving me crazy.

Ever since the Poor Jet-setting Single Mum got back from holidays, I haven’t managed to get on top of things.

There is a thick layer of dust over absolutely everything post renovation. There are no window coverings, so the neighbours and I sit staring at each other from our respective dinner tables (I couldn’t even nail up a bit of sheet until a few days ago, because there were no architraves … there are now architraves, so I’ll have to come up with another excuse).

The floors are very dirty, as is the bathroom.

The contents of the kitchen remain scatttered – and dusty – across the back room because the pantry cupboard still doesn’t have handles or shelves. I could possibly do the shelves myself but … no time.

The washing machine lies idle while I fail to find time to check if the tip from blog follower Nic fixes it. That means the dirty washing is piling up.

I now have two sick kids – the eldest went down with a throat infection on Friday. I asked the youngest how she was feeling yesterday and she replied: “Good … well, not good, but not dead.”

She then subsiding into a coughing fit, so she scored another day off from school.

After working each day, I cook dinner, clean up, then start making lunches for the next day. There doesn’t seem to be time or energy for any extra chores.

Throw in heading to Newcastle on Wednesday night prior to giving my 10th Annual Breast Care Fundraiser Breakfast speech and I am seriously struggling to keep my head above water (note: interestingly, this is a problem in all senses and situations, since I can neither swim nor tread water).

I would like to say I’ll get on top of things this weekend, but last night was a work function (that I can’t wait to tell you more about tomorrow), I need to collect the kids from my sister’s at 10am, pick up the last of my renovation supplies from Bunnings and head back to my sister’s for a family dinner.

Not seeing a lot of sorting-stuff-out in that schedule.

Maybe next weekend.

Song of the day: Vance Joy “Mess is mine”


4 thoughts on “Not entirely on top of things

  1. Hello Alana, don’t worry! we are in the same boat. And we are in a boat at least, so we don’t have to worry about pesky swimming OR treading water 🙂 My life has been like this all year in terms of the mess. I get there, then more mess arrives from Sydney. Long story. But I so know what you mean about working all day then there only being enough energy left for cooking dinner, cleaning up and making lunches. I admire all the things you DO do. I need to catch up on your last few posts. Good luck this weekend! I’m working at the school fete (ACT election day)

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