Now that’s what I call a Sunday

DD was a little off his game yesterday.

He wasn’t too sparky after a tough week and was worried our Sunday interlude – it’s rarely a “day” when our respective parenting responsibilities are involved – was a bit of a fizzer.

Nah, I told him, I had a greeeeaaaaaat time.

I don’t know how gorgeous Sunday was in your parts – on Sydney’s Northern Beaches it was spectacular.

So, despite the dubious wisdom of a redhead being out in the midday sun, we headed to Palm Beach Golf Club to share a barramundi burger washed down with a couple of Diet Cokes, then hired a double kayak and paddled over to Resolute Beach for a swim.

I think I’ve escaped the adventure with just a bit of sunburn on my neck, since I failed to factor that my voluminous hair wouldn’t protect me when it got wet and stringy.

DD also didn’t factor that sharing a kayak with me meant the usual peaceful bliss he enjoys in the middle of Pittwater would be replaced by virtually continuous chitter chatter.

He made me stop, sit and soak up the beauty ever now and then. Whenever he did it had me grinning from ear to ear.

He was also breathing pretty heavily on the way to Resolute Beach because the wind was blowing, the waves were a little high and my paddling was kinda intermittent.

Oh, and I knocked a seal lid thingy off the plastic kayak halfway over, which filled it up with water and made it super hard to get through the water. I had a niggling suspicion I’d done the wrong thing, but I couldn’t quite get the lid back on, so I decided to go la-la-la and pretend it hadn’t happened.

He didn’t realise because the lid was between my legs. He just knew it was a bloody hard slog.

Extensive draining of the kayak needed to be performed on the beach before we could paddle back across to Palm Beach again.


The water at Resolute Beach was stunningly clear and fairly cold, but so lovely.

Afterwards, I came home via the bottle shop and picked myself up a cider from the brewery that won Australian Cider of the Year at last week’s Australian Cider Awards – Willie Smith & Sons. It was a delicious – albeit expensive – treat while I caught up with some work on the computer.

Not a speck of cleaning or sorting of the house was done …

Ah well, I had bulk fun.

Here are some happy snaps:

How was your Sunday?

Song of the day: Savage Garden “Affirmation”




4 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call a Sunday

  1. Sounds like a big bit of bliss at your place. Off for a mini break later in the week so shit domestics which always precede a long relax were the order of the weekend. Roll on thurs!

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