I’m outta here

Well, not quite.

Yesterday was quite the killer. I backed up from the Australian drinks Awards, hit work for eight hours, drove three kids back from skipping training and arrived home to discover the Internet wasn’t working.

I could have done without that.


It’s had to stay broken. I gave it 10 minutes of fiddling, gave up and cooked dinner while the 10-year-old whipped up cupcakes for the Crazy Cupcake fundraiser at school.

Then I finished packing up the house for the reno and miraculously made it into bed by 10.30pm.

I was shattered, but only managed to pass out until 5am, when the anticipation of the stress of the day ahead crept in.

OK, I’ll make it snappy: gotta be out of here 7.15am with two kids and two dogs. One kid to band, one kid to friend’s house, dogs to dogsitter 40 mins away. Then work, then rush home, get changed and grab the bags, then the ex arrives at 5pm to take us to the airport.

Then 24 hours of travel.

Then Rome!

I’m not sure how often I’ll blog. Maybe a little. Maybe not.

I’ll Instagram.

I’ll have fun with my kids.

I’ll try not to stress about all those walls being knocked out while I’m gone.

I’ll miss talking to you each day, but at the same time I’ll be relieved to get a break.

Have a great September.

Normal transmission resumes next month.




11 thoughts on “I’m outta here

  1. You are doing such a great thing! Will miss your posts but look forward to pics on Instagram and FB. Have a great break and an amazing time with your girls – creating memories for the future.xx

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