Spack-filling for the Australian drinks Awards

Once upon a time I swanned about at gorgeous functions for a living, drinking free champers and schmoozing.

When you’re in the media you can pretty much do it every night of the week, if you so choose

In my current incarnation as a single suburban mum there hasn’t been quite as much swishness.

Mind you the 50th birthday season has begun so things haven’t been too shabby on the party front, but I hadn’t bothered with professional hair and make-up until last night.

Last night was the Australian drinks Awards, the big one for my new employer, the drinks association.

I figured I should go all out, so I booked myself in to be spack filled and made the fatal mistake of not asking how much it would be.

I’m shy – and stupid – like that.

It was double the most expensive amount I’d guesstimated it could possible be.

I almost had a coronary while looking all blasΓ© and no biggie as they swiped my credit card.

Oh. My. God.

That’s a lot for something you wash off a few hours later.

I just kept saying to myself “You borrowed the dress from your boss and the booze is free. You borrowed the dress from your boss and the booze is free …”

But I DID look glammy, at least in my carefully posed selfies. The photograph the makeup person took at the salon almost made me cry, I looked so squishy and old.

I have an early start with work, so I’d better get on with the show – here are my happy snaps from the night with a few captions …

Song of the day: Fergie “A little party never killed nobody”



9 thoughts on “Spack-filling for the Australian drinks Awards

  1. I’m still trying to guess what a second mortgage make-up costs. I have absolutely no idea, but you looked fantastic and it looked like a wonderful evening…even if they did have children serving the champers at the entry (or else they were just very short waiters!)! πŸ€—πŸ‘
    Oh, nice shoes, too! πŸ˜„
    Someone PM me about the make-up cost, please! I’m dying to know how much is too much…or is that secret womens’ business?! πŸ™„

      • I remember! Had false eyelashes for my wedding years ago but left the lash removing solution at home – by the time the honeymoon was over my eyelashes looked like a spider that had gone through the rinse cycle one too many times! Falsies were half on, half off. I was a sight for (my own) sore eyes!

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