Mile-high triceratops time

Oooooh, guess what? I finally saw Blackish en route to Rome!

I was trawling through the vast entertainment selection on Emirates when I stumbled across it in the TV comedy section.

I thought the odds of finding the infamous triceratops sex episode would be pretty low, but it turned out to be the first episode after the pilot.

For any new readers thinking WHAT is she talking about? Housegoeshome went semi viral a few years back with a blog about two chicks who write dinosaur porn. They’re earning squillions from titles such as “Ravished by a triceratops.”

Can’t say the idea of shagging a triceratops gets me going, but it takes all types to make a world.

Anyways, Blackish mentioned something called “the triceratops position” in an episode about a teen discovering sex, without explaining what it was. Thousands of people Googled it and Google freaked out because there wasn’t much to choose from, so it scraped the bottom of the barrel and served up my blog about dino porn, which doesn’t explain the triceratops position AT ALL.

I was blithely checking my stats one day and discovered thousands of curious souls were reading my blog.

Still clueless as to WHY, I wrote another blog post quizzically wondering what all the fuss was about and that’s when a commenter filled me in.

I still rate pretty highly on Google for “triceratops position”, check it out.

And every time there’s a repeat of the Blackish episode I get another flood of views.

I really enjoyed the first season of Blackish. It’s about an upper middle class black family living in an upper middle class white suburb of LA.

It’s really clever, though I found it a bit confronting that Lawrence Fishburne plays a grandfather in it – how did THAT happen?

Mind you, a few people of my vintage are grandparents, so it really shouldn’t freak me out so much.

Anyways, back to the triceratops position. I thought the show would be really rude to contain such an outrageous concept, but it was really quite sweet – the son asked his dad to explain stuff the other boys in school were talking about and the dad totally freaked out when he looked it up.

I feel an odd fondness for the triceratops incident. The blog post had just gone viral when I went on my first date with DD. I decided it would make an entertaining anecdote. DD was a bit freaked out by kinky sex being a topic of conversation on a first date.

He also contends the triceratops thing is an act, not a position. He’s such a pedant sometimes.

Despite discussing a rather gobsmacking sex position/act on our first date, DD and I fell quite hard for each other during the week that followed.

He’s become a daily follower of Housegoeshome and seems to be coping OK with being a regular feature on it, despite me promising on that first date that I would never blog about him.

That’s a promise I had to break because I would burst if I couldn’t talk about him.

Poor, wonderful DD.

OK, writing this in transit at Dubai and they’ve just called our next flight. Gotta go ….

I know I said I wouldn’t blog much, but what else is there to do during a 24-hour trek across the globe when your 60 minutes of free wi-fi has ended?

Will send this from my next window of wiffy.

Rome, here we come!

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