Father’s Day blues (and celeb photos)

How was your Father’s Day? I celebrated mine with a little self-pity weep.

After heading to my sister’s place to give my dad a quick hug, I raced home to get the kids ready for handover.

My ex wanted to open his presents en famille, then offered yum cha with him and the kids, but I turned him down – too much packing to do for my mini reno.

Eight hours later that packing still wasn’t finished, but that’s not when the self-pity weep happened.

The tears came during the first hour. Putting all those memory filled items from my kitchen and lounge room into boxes while my ex and kids ate Father’s Day lunch without me brought the tears on.

I wondered if that’s why my ex walked away from all those cherished possessions – they’re a painful reminder of all that we’ve lost.

A clean slate is much easier in so many ways.

I thought I was the winner scoring all that stuff. Yesterday I felt like the loser.

But enough of the maudlin – here’s how the stars celebrated.

How was your day?

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