The perfect storm

perfect storm

1. a particularly violent storm arising from a rare combination of adverse meteorological factors.
2. an especially bad situation caused by a combination of unfavourable circumstances.
“the past two years have been a perfect storm for the travel industry”

I’m having a bit of a perfect storm week. I feel like George Clooney clinging to the railing as the waves loom over him.

Too much is happening, all at the same time, and I’m freaking out a little beneath my veneer of calm.

On Wednesday night I have the 2016 Australian drinks Awards, the biggest night of the year for my new employer, the drinks association, which hosts the event.

As communications manager I’m in charge of writing all the collateral surrounding the event  – pre, during and post.

When I took the job I had a bit of an eeeeek moment when I realised I was booked to go away with the kids two days after the event.

(Naturally, there’s a story to us going away that I don’t have time to tell this morning – I’ll have to fill you in later.)

My boss was very good about this far-from-ideal scenario, but said I am never allowed to go on holidays in September again.

I won’t be around for lots of curly post awards stuff that hits in the weeks that follow.

But I’m frantically trying to cover off as much as I can.

You’d think it would be enough on my plate, that I’d be sensible and not reach for another roast potato, but no, I’m greedy.

I’ve also organised for my mini house renovation to take place while I’m gone. I figured since I’m paying handsomely for the dogs to be minded while I’m away I might as well maximise the return on my investment.

So I’m getting a new side fence as well.

Three birds, one stone.

Speaking of threes, I’m up to my third change of heart in a week on how to renovate the house.

The builder is trudging over this afternoon to be brought up to speed.

By 4pm Friday I need to have done all my pre-awards prep, attended the actual awards, created a post-awards newsletter, be ready to leave the country with three children and have the house ready for the builder.

Chest. Very. Tight.

Waves. Getting. Very. High.

What was I THINKING?

Gotta run, need to draw up the latest kitchen plan before work.

I’d ask you to wish me luck, but I figure I’ve brought it all on myself, so you might prefer to just shake your head.

Oh shite! I just remembered it’s crazy cupcake fundraising stall day on Friday at school. And all the kitchen stuff is packed in boxes …


Song of the day: Amii Stewart “Knock on wood”


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