David’s getting married!

Isn’t that always the way? You say you don’t care about something any more and suddenly you do …

Well, care isn’t the right word. My interest was piqued.

I was trawling through my Instagram feed yesterday when I came across a post by David Hasselhoff that said: “LADY IN RED – MY FUTURE WIFE.”

Yep, I follow David Hasselhoff on Instagram … he’s quite entertaining, I swear …

And I thought Hang on, David Hasselhoff is getting married to that pretty young thing? How did I miss that piece of useless gossip?

It turns out I missed four whole years of their relationship!

The former celebrity magazine editor in me got a little excited by their romance, so I did a little Googling and there’s quite the back story.

Hayley Roberts was a 31-year-old shop worker, earning just £6 an hour and still sharing a bedroom with one of her sisters at her parents’
home in a Welsh village when she happened to be having a drink in a hotel bar and saw David walking through the lobby.

She asked to have her photograph taken with him … and now she lives in an LA mansion when she’s not jetting around the world with her TV star lover.

“I couldn’t have dreamt this up,” she told The Sun. “And all because I asked him to pose for a picture with my sister and me and we ended up falling in love.”

Hayley was 31 at the time, David was 60. She initially freaked out about that.

“There’s a big age gap and David lives in a totally different world to anything I’d ever experienced.

“After a couple of sleepless nights I sent him a text saying that I was really sorry, but that the age difference was just too big. I couldn’t see
him again.

“I spent most of that week in tears, because even though I’d ended it before anything had actually started I really did like him.”

David convinced her that it wasn’t a problem, so she decided to give their relationship a chance.

For their first date, he flew her to the Swiss Alps. A month later, he flew her to his LA home for a visit and she never left.

“At first he took me out to really amazing restaurants, but I didn’t like the food — it was really fancy compared to what I was used to,” she recalls. “But there’s a pub near his house that does far simpler food and they make me eggs, chips and beans.”

Hayley also occasionally cooks for him: “I know how to cook one meal: Potato waffles, egg and beans, which I sometimes make for David and he says he loves it but I’m not so sure! Poor David. But he says if I’m happy then he’s happy. That’s how sweet he is to me.”

She also confesses: “I used to moan to my mates that there had to be more to life than working for less than £6 an hour in a department store.

“But I never imagined for a minute that I would get to find out like this. Whatever the future holds, the one thing I do know is that I’ll never lose
sight of just how lucky I am.”

How’s that for a fairytale ending? It’s a bit Pretty Woman, except with The Hoff and Hayley instead of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts …

He rescued her and she rescued him right back!

I found myself unexpectedly swept away by the romance of it, bless them.

Here are just a few photographs of the many, many photographs she’s shared of them on Instagram:

He’s not in bad nick for a 60 year old!

Song of the day: The Beatles “All you need is love”

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