Getting into the new groove

It doesn’t take me very long to get obsessive about my job.

Alright, alright, it doesn’t take me very long to get obsessive about ANYTHING. I have an easily fixated brain.

But let’s just focus on the professional stuff for this particular blog post.

I’ve spent most of my career completely hooked on all things celebrity, but I’ve found myself not really caring what’s trending on US Weekly’s website lately. Though I did get quite a kick out of the Hiddleswift conspiracy theories and felt really sad when I saw Shannen Doherty’s pics of shaving her hair during cancer treatment.

My recent years immersed in the parenting genre were weird ones. I ended up feeling really sickened by the endlessly awful things people do to kids and the fact those are the stories that go crazy on sites in terms of clicks.

It was a bit soul destroying to wake up each morning and search for the “best” harrowing parenting story of the day to run. OK, it was a lot soul destroying. I feel a bit PTSD just thinking about it.

And now my focus has turned to alcohol.

Those last two statements aren’t related.

These days I work for the drinks association, a non-profit service organisation for the alcohol industry.


I knew that my conversion to the buzz of the drinks industry was complete yesterday when I started clapping my hands in excitement at the news Morris Wines in Rutherglen had been saved from oblivion. Pernod Ricard decided fortified wines were outre and put the winery on the market.

They do a mighty fine tokay.

Click here to the story I wrote.

The other alcohol-related story that got me going yesterday was the winery in the United States that hand picks its grapes and hauls them by horse and cart to be processed. The winemakers de-stem the grapes by hand and pump them into the barrels using a bicycle. When the wine finishes fermenting, it is bottled and cored by hand and delivered via canoe to its distributor. They’re trying to recreate wines like those made in the 1900s.


“We’re probably the only professional winery in the United States doing something like this,” winemaker Brad Ford told KGW News.

Well, yeah. Because you’re NUTS.

But delightfully nuts.

Read the full story here.

And I’ve become quite hooked on photographing my drinks and searching for cool cocktails to populate the drinks trade Instagram page.

I get ridiculously excited when I discover things like Blue Milk of Tatooine.


DD finds it a little annoying that he’s not allowed to sip or snack on anything until I’ve spent five minutes getting the camera angle juuuuuuust right on a photograph of it … but if that’s the worst he has to put up with I think he’ll survive.

Well, that and the red dog.

OK, I am a bit challenging to date.

But, back on topic. I’m in the new groove and I’m loving it.

What have you been loving this week?

Song of the day:  Madonna “Get into the groove” (oh, how I loved that movie)






3 thoughts on “Getting into the new groove

  1. I loved that movie, the madonna fashion and nightclubs of New York in 1985! So exciting for 15-year-old me. So happy you’re enjoying your new industry – I must get onto that Instagram account and have a look. I am one of those annoying people who doesn’t let people touch food before I’ve photographed it. This week I’ve been enjoying a couple of work lunches with colleagues and lovely sunny winter weather in Canberra.

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