Old gang meets new(ish) boyf

I’m on my mettle this morning.

My friend Katherine, who is an Anglican priest, informed me yesterday that she needs the blog published by 7am each morning or she misses her reading window before her insanely busy days begin.

Well, she doesn’t need it published by 7am, but it helps.

I’m constantly humbled that busy people fit my blog into their day and take the time to say kind things about it.

Last week a lovely woman noted on Facebook: “Love your blog. Poignant, heartfelt, resonating. It’s my 5 minutes me time each morning. Thank you!!”

It’s pretty huge to be someone’s “me” time.

I’ve known Katherine since primary school. We don’t get the chance to catch up very often these days because I (sadly) rarely visit Newcastle and she works pretty much seven days a week. I’m filled with awe by her unwavering dedication to helping others. She’s an amazing woman.

She managed to steal a few hours post morning services yesterday and I ducked up the freeway so we could have lunch together at a funny old place called West Wallsend Workies.

We were joined by my friend Megan (pronounced meee-gan), who I met in preschool – she’s my only memory of preschool, I recall feeling poorly one day, just wanting some peace and her pestering me to play – and my friend Megan (pronounced meg-an) who I met in year 7.

The four of us bonded over science fiction – Doctor Who, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Star Trek, Blakes Seven, The Tomorrow People – and not being the cool crowd.

There wasn’t much talk of science fiction yesterday, it was more the realities of life. Meeeegan’s daughter was at a nearby swimming pool scoring three bronze medals; my daughter was at a high school band competition getting a gold award; Megan was showing us the most amazing photographs of food she makes out of felt for kids – she gave Meeeeeegan’s granddaughter the most amazing pink cake; Katherine was telling us about her daughter’s adventures in Poland and Europe on her gap year.


I forgot to get a photograph of the four of us, so you’ll have to make do with the one from our lunch last year.

DD and I drove up the freeway together. He had a sick school friend to visit in John Hunter Hospital. He dropped me at the door of the West Wallsend Workies on his way through. I wasn’t expecting much from the food, but I had a bloody good steak for lunch. I’ve had some really average steaks at Northern Beaches pubs in recent weeks, so it was very impressed to get such a good one at the Workies.

There was a single chef slaving away in the kitchen, I reckon she churned out about 50 meals while we were there. I was dazzled by her calm. Her mum was helping her out serving the meals and she told us her superhuman daughter has been known to do the whole lunch service on her own, cooking AND serving all the meals.

Now there’s a job I’m glad I don’t have.

The few hours we had together flew past. It was wonderful to catch up, we’re going to try and do it again soonish. Well, at least before Katherine goes on long-service leave next year. And as nice as the WWW steak was, we reckon we might talk Meeeeeegan into trying sushi next time.

After DD visited his sick friend he popped into the Workies to say hello to my old gang. It was kinda weird for them to finally meet him after reading about him on the blog for 18 months. Someone – not Meeeeeegan because she’s a cougar – noted that photographs “didn’t do him justice”, which tickled me.

I haven’t had many chances to show him off. Our lives are just too hectic and we get too few moments together. He still hasn’t met some of my dearest friends … it’s starting to get a bit awkward.  I’ve told him there are three couples that he really must meet soon, plus he’s braving a local 50th birthday next month.

Otherwise people are going to think he’s science fiction.

Song of the day: Divinyls “Science fiction”


2 thoughts on “Old gang meets new(ish) boyf

  1. Bonus points, alana, for the random split enz mention…
    Fantastic to finally meet DD & i agree with Katherine – i shall blame your photography skills…
    Time always goes too fast… i think we need a weekend retreat, or at least a whole day, together…

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