The icing on the cake

The youngest’s affection for the kitchen came in handy last night. After I cooked up burgers and homemade wedges dusted in Cajun spices – go me – it was time for some Election Day baking for the school cake stall.

Nothing turned out quite the way I’d planned. Sigh. I’d decided to make “dirt” covered cupcakes with sour worms popping out of them and banana and white choc chip muffins.

The sour worms wouldn’t behave and just stuck straight up in the air. The banana muffins deflated as they cooled.

But hey, we tried our best. The youngest worked her butt off, pouring and mixing and decorating.

Here’s a visual snapshot of our night:

As we stood in the kitchen production lining our icing and dusting and flower arranging it got me thinking: I’ve decorated my fair share of cupcakes in my time for birthday parties and cake stalls. Sure, I could give myself a break and just chuck some Smarties on top, but it’s become a creative outlet for me.

I like to keep things interesting. Late on a Friday night when I just want to watch tellie with a glass of riesling probably isn’t the time to keep things interesting, but I reckon those kids being dragged to the school while their parents vote will appreciate it.

Here’s a gallery of some of my cupcake designs:

Later this morning, the youngest is coming to the school to help me out for two hours on the cake stall. She’s quite adamant that she actually wants to SELL the cupcakes, not just hang around. Fingers crossed the other mums are cool with that.

As for the voting part of the day, DD and I won’t be talking about it because we’re on opposite sides of the political fence. I’ll leave you to guess what sides they are …

No matter, because …

Song of the day: Stephen Tin Tin Duffy “Icing on the cake”


6 thoughts on “The icing on the cake

  1. Yummo! I noticed a Cup Cake Queen store near my sister’s new digs in Albert Park last week and there was nowhere near the creativity that you show! 😋
    Off to vote now but I bet there won’t be any cup cakes!😟

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