Old and lonely

I was shocked to read on smh.com.au at 8.28pm last night that “erratic swings give Labor hope.”

I was certain there was no hope for Australia.

Especially after filling out that ridiculous senate paper at the polling booth. It was truly disturbing.

Why the hell do they make you tick six boxes when the choices are beyond awful?

I had to put a number beside some total shockers.

Who wants to freaking vote for the Sex Party or the Cycling Party or the Shooters Party?

I almost fell for the Sustainable Australia Party, thinking they were about renewable energy, but nooooo their agenda is lowering immigration.

And don’t get me started on those sneaky anti-vaxxers masquerading as the “Health Party” … It terrifies me how many people might have fallen for that one.

Actually, the whole thing terrifies me. If I struggled to tick 6 boxes what crazy mistakes are the rest of the country making along with me?


My day started far more peacefully, walking with a couple of local friends to the serene waterfront. Though there was nothing serene about our animated chitter chat. Wow can we talk.


I got home to an email from the school band committee lamenting how many cakes hadn’t been baked for the election stall at the high school.

I’d already dropped off my dirty sour worm cupcakes at 7.45am.


So I put the youngest to work baking an emergency batch before we headed up for our two-hour shift.

This is what she came up with …


The youngest absolutely loved being on cake stall duty, though I’m wondering what she made of all the lonely, loopy old people who came up to chat … And chat … And chat …

They broke my heart a little with their eagerness for human interaction, so I smiled and nodded during their tales of Telstra woe, siblings being in hospital after a “fall”, our cupcakes being too expensive and their desire to wipe out every politician with a machine gun …

Actually, I stopped smiling and nodding at that point. That old lady was SCARY.

Being old and lonely and bonkers is also pretty scary.

Please let that not be my future …

At one point during my two-hour stint on the cake stall I texted DD, admonishing that he should stop wasting his money on sky writing after this appeared in the sky …

IMG_7675 - Copy (2)


It was actually for someone called Vidi. I wonder if she said yes. I’ve seen a few sky written proposals lately. Not sure how I’d actually feel about receiving one, other than wondering if the astronomical cost might have been better spent on our honeymoon. Last of the true romantics, me.

When my shift was over I felt very guilty to be deserting the troops. But then, guilt is middle name. I kept telling myself only doing two hours was better than doing no hours, which is what most of the band parents chose to do.

I went home, fed the kids some lunch, then raced to the supermarket for supplies so I could feed them again a few hours later. I just didn’t have any creativity left in me, so I went for old faithful baked fish and chips.


But before I started that chopping and oven popping I took the dogs for a twilight walk. The light was gorgeous.

Not quite as divine as the previous night, but still lovely.


And that was my Saturday. Tell me about yours.


14 thoughts on “Old and lonely

  1. I voted up here on the mountain and everyone else in the queue was at least 100 years old. I eavesdropped on some of the most hilarious conversations. One old lady asked the doddering bloke beside us where ‘Milly” was. He explained that Milly had been fed up with the wait and had gone home for a drink. Milly loves a drink. Milly can’t stop drinking. Milly also loves a chow down and has to eat six times a day which sets off more drinking. It took us a while to realise Milly was a dog not his wife.

  2. Here’s a thing…a picture on my bathroom wall fell down the other week (those bloody removable sticky hooks…will never trust them again!) giving me quite a fright and smashing my toilet cistern. I thought I was experiencing a home invasion!
    Then I discover that the company that made my toilet suite is no longer in business. Price of a replacement cistern (the bowl was not damaged) turns out to be more expensive than buying a whole new suite….riddle me THAT Batman!
    So, after spending an hour at the election booth with that ridiculous Senate voting paper, filling in EVERY number on the top line, because I understood that would make my vote more worthy, I headed off to buy a new toilet suite.
    The irony of the two tasks together has not escaped me!
    It just so happens that I saw exactly what I wanted in the hardware store at Wonthaggi when I was down there visiting one of my Members last week and the price was spot on…around $300 less than similar suites in stores near home. It was worth the 2 1/2 hour round trip and I had nothing else to do for the day.
    Then I discovered some interesting roads with acreages for sale and I, like you Alana, am a Real Estate junky! The hilly, bushy landscapes of South Gippsland are gorgeous. The paddocks were lush and green, the air was clear and crisp and I had “bulk fun” driving the quiet narrow roads, looking at and dreaming about various properties. One day I will find a few acres with a nice house and settle on a ridge with forest at my back and far ocean views across Bass Strait. Eight very enjoyable hours later, I arrived home and unpacked my new toilet suite for the plumber to install next week.
    All because of a crappy plastic picture hook…that was my Saturday!

    • Geoff, we made the sea change to Inverloch a few years ago. South Gippsland is beautiful as are the people. Hope you make it here one day.

    • Wow, that’s quite a trip … South Gippsland does sound rather magical. But it’s a beach view for me … on a hill so I don’t get swept away by global warming.

  3. We voted last Saturday – walked in, voted and walked out. It took longer to vote than to get our papers !!! What a schmozzle it’s turning out to be – I fear our future is going to be like the US with the democrats and republicans – neither prepared to budge an inch. It’s a sad day in our history.
    Good work on the baking – your youngest did a grand job with baking and decorating a quick batch of cakes !!

  4. One of my friends voted for the Vets party in the senate because he thought he was supporting the rights of sick and injured animals. You should have seen his face when I told him that there were more than two different kinds of Vets. But he recovered well and was almost as happy to support returned servicemen and women.

  5. Handed out for the Greens for three hours (was rostered for two, but I didn’t have the heart to leave), then, having watched the queue, which took anything from 30 to 60 mins, I went round to a smaller polling booth on the other side of the railway line. In and out in five minutes. Hanging out for a hung parliament. Last time there was more legislation passed than in either parliament either side. It makes people negotiate. The Senate, on the other hand, is looking… interesting. And not in a good way.

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