Another one of life’s little surprises

I really shouldn’t be surprised by what happened while I was having a chat with my friend Sue in the shallows at Maroubra Beach yesterday.

We looked down to see something vibrant and not-quite-right lying on the wet sand.

“What’s THAT?” my startled friend asked.

For a moment she thought a tropical fish had washed up, then we realised it was a bedraggled budgie being buffeted by the water.

Sue picked him up and he started freaking out, flapping from her hands and collapsing on the sand.

And so began Operation Rescue Budgie.

My and Sue’s eldest daughter’s took charge. One wants to be a vet, the other a zoologist. They both worship David Attenborough. So the budgie was quickly christened “David.”

David took a few chunks out of the eldest’s finger before he was finally carried home wrapped in a Tardis towel and deposited in a cleaned and repurposed cat carrier to dry out for the night.

The eldest wanted to take him home to our place, but I told her there was probably some Maroubra grannie beside herself at having lost her budgie, so it would be best if he stayed in-suburb so telegraph pole posters could be distributed.

I’ve requested updates from Sue on his progress.

I have form in the area of bizarre animal sightings.

David’s rescue reminded me of the time a pig bolted past me in a suburban street near my house.

In case you didn’t read that blog post … I was going for a walk with my friend Fee when I heard the strangest snorting squealing noise and the aforementioned piggy dashed past.




Suspecting he was an escapee pet, I knelt down and started calling “Here piggy, piggy!” Cliched … but it worked – he trotted over and let me pat him. So I grabbed the fuzzy little porker! He started thrashing and squealing the street down.

His owner rushed out and started thrashing and squealing the street down AT ME because it turns out you’re not supposed to pick up pigs – it makes them feel like prey.

Then there was the time I spotted a prawn frantically crawling down the street to get away from my favourite yum cha restaurant. True story.

I was about to miss my green man at a pedestrian crossing, so I dashed off. But I’ve always regretted not rescuing the tenacious little bugger and I’ve never forgotten him.

Any freaky animal rescues in your past you’d like to share?

Here are some happy snaps from my day, including one of David the half-drowned budgie …



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  1. I’ve had my fair share of animal rescues.There was that pigeon when I was in grade five. It must have flown into a car and broken its neck but when I picked it up it was still breathing. I took it to school where it died. Then there was the baby possum I rescued from our cat. It died too. And the sick kitten that ended up in my care – died too. Probably just as well I gave up being a vet.

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