My Easter 2016 (and how the celebs are doing it)

I started writing this post early on Sunday morning before the kids woke.

They were so excited before they went to bed last night: the Easter Bunny is coming!

I didn’t ask too many questions, I just left it at that. Let’s all preserve the magic.

They had a basket each waiting at their bedrooms doors filled with eggs, a fluffy bunny and a rubber, bouncing egg.

In previous years, the baskets have been light on eggs and heavy on Easter-themed merchandise, but life’s been quite the whirl and we all need a little sugar now and then (both the metaphorical and physical kind in my case) to get us through.

I’m making bacon sarnies for brekkie before their dad comes to collect them.

It was my ex’s birthday yesterday, so we have a little pile of gifts on the table for him, including an Eastery birthday painting from the eldest and an egg-shaped handmade card from the youngest.




Then my sister is picking me up and we’re driving to Newcastle to visit my mum after her knee replacement and attend a mini-reunion of friends from my teens.

I hope it’s a day filled with family and love (and a little sugar) for you too.

Here are a few celebrity pics from Instagram, I’ll be adding to the gallery later today and tomorrow, when it’s a belated Easter Sunday in Hollywood.

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