Your blog is fine BTW


DD texted me from Tokyo with those words yesterday morning.

He’s sooooo nice about my warts-and-all blathering, especially considering I assured him on our first ‘date’ that I wouldn’t write about him.

I told his cousin (who’s just started following HouseGoesHome) that the other night and she replied: “He’s mentioned every day … LOL!”

It’s kinda hard not to mention him since he’s so central to my life. I do try and give him the occasional break from the spotlight …

When I queried DD about what he meant by “your blog is fine BTW” he replied “meaning it doesn’t have to change.”

Words to make my heart all melty …

He even showed one of his work colleagues the blog on the bullet train to Osaka yesterday (station pictured above) and reckons I might have a new follower.

The post was “As good as it gets.” She related to my mental scarring from primary school when “teachers made fun of how hopeless I was at sport. They’d do impressions of me flailing about to make my classmates laugh.”

Apparently “she was asked NOT to participate in a church basketball team. Don’t come back …”

Kindred spirit.

She also mentioned in a Facebook post tagging DD: “Uhmmmm. First unfortunate mistake in Japan… I sort of washed my hands in the urinal on the train. It looked like a sink. David even warned me before I went in…”

She could have her own blog with ooops moments like that.

Although the funniest story I heard yesterday came from Pinky Poinker. It made me laugh until I cried.

Pinky had just reassured me in a comment on my blog that she has “similar misgivings” about writing too much about the mundane aspects of her life.

Her latest blog post, New Year Abulutions details how one of her New Year’s resolutions was to swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around in her mouth for 20 minutes each day to draws all the toxic bacteria out of her gums.

Five minutes into the hideous procedure, a courier arrived with a parcel and she had to “mmm mmmm glmm mmm” her way through receiving it, leading him to think she has some sort of affliction and nervously ask “Is anyone looking after you, love?”


Her advice on the direction of my blog was pretty good too: ” It really all comes down to ‘write what you want on the day’. You can’t please everyone all the time.”

Love your work, Pinky.

And yours, DD.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh? 

Song of the day: The The “Uncertain smile”




4 thoughts on “Your blog is fine BTW

  1. DD reckons right….I AM your newest follower and fan….PS: I have sanitized my hands till they’re chapped in response to what will now be forever dubbed “The Urinal Incident”

  2. Yeah, I’m with Pinky – write what you want. Most of us like the warts and all stuff or we wouldn’t be reading you in the first place. Let’s face it, we all have warts so reading about other people’s makes our own seem normal.

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