Solitary confinement

I get my kids back tomorrow after 14 loooooooong days.

They’ve started to take on a mythical quality … am I really a mum of two?

Their dad took them to Tasmania for a holiday. He’s sent me a few happy snaps and it looks like they’ve been having a bulk fun time. The scenery is amazing.

It’s kind of weird to see pictures of your family on holidays, knowing someone else is there in your place. Not that she’s in the photos. It wouldn’t be in the spirit of our current positive co-parenting arrangement.

So it’s like she’s mythical too.

Deep down I’m a realist, so I know one day I will have to face seeing her with my kids. I’m trying to prepare myself for the sting, but I’m not sure you ever can.

I’ll pick the kids up from their dad tomorrow morning and we’ll laze around together for the day before I drive them up to their grandparents’ place on Sunday.

They’re spending the week in Newie cause mama’s gotta work.

After that, we’ll finally get some time together and I’ll get a break from the daily grind.

Can’t wait.

Being without the kids (and DD) has made me realise how scarily easy it would become to slip into a solitary life spent eating every meal – OK, every everything – in front of the computer.

I start working around 5.30am every morning and often find myself sitting there at 5.30pm at night, still in my fluffy bathrobe.

After surviving all Wednesday in rainy, solitary confinement without interacting with a soul – and starting to feel a bit maudlin – I resolved to make yesterday more social. I had a Japanese lunch and yabber-fest with my gorgeous gym instructor, then went out last night with my sister to eat dumplings and see Sisters.




Sisters is this new comedy starring two of the coolest women in Hollywood – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

I tried joking with the teenager at the ticket counter: “Can I get two tickets to see Sisters … with my … sister?”

I don’t think she got it.

The movie has received terrible reviews, but we didn’t mind it.

We both cried laughing at the very juvenile scene where someone falls over and gets something embarrassing stuck up their butt.

Thanks sis – it was sooooooooo good to get out of the house.

Song of the day: Annie Lennox & Aretha Franklin “Sisters”



6 thoughts on “Solitary confinement

  1. I work from home and found that I was rarely leaving the house and not socialising very much. It really wasn’t good for me so I started to embed things into my life – like walks with friends, a coffee every morning at the shops, a regular breakfast out. And I’m so much happier now. I don’t want to be around people all the time but I get the interactions I need.

  2. Snap, I saw Sisters with my sister yesterday too! A last sister-date before I move to Canberra. I really liked the movie. I think my sister was less impressed. I don’t understand why these funny movies get such terrible reviews – how disappointing. Party poopers.

  3. I totally get this about the kids … I crave my solitude but need my children like a drug all at the same time!

    I think I need to shake my routine up a little bit this year. I don’t go anywhere much really, one of the things I do is on a set day and I think whether I want to or not I will need to go along and the other appointment I might change days for a while just to shake up my week. Otherwise I don’t really get out very much at all and while I am ok with this I am not sure that it is overly healthy.

    I must try to get to see Sisters who cares what the reviews are …

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