Beautiful surprise

I have no idea how I grew up in Newcastle and spent years visiting in-laws on the Central Coast, yet never knew Somersby Falls existed.

Somersby had always seemed such an in-betweeny place to me – just a turn-off on the freeway during my trips back to Newie.

But DD’s friends hired a house there for the week while they were attending a music festival in the nearby Glenworth Valley and invited us up for the night. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to mind the fur babies, so we ended up just going for lunch. DD made a couple of salads – bless him – and we picked up a barbecued chook on the way.

DD has also been bewitched by champagne with a dash of Chambord – after sipping the stuff at my sister’s last week – so we took some of that too.

After lunch, DD’s friends took us to the falls, which were just down the road from their sweet little rental cottage.

The falls were totally GORGEOUS.

I loved them.

When we returned, we sat under the trees at their cottage having another champagne and Chambord, then headed home to my sister’s spa .. for some more champagne and Chambord …

SUCH a nice way to spend New Year’s Day.

Here are some happy snaps …


Song of the day: Alicia Keys “Fallin'”


7 thoughts on “Beautiful surprise

    • Yup, ruined a perfectly nice shot, too. In the first few I had my arms out of the water and I insisted on my sister taking another one with them below the water because I thought my shoulders looked like they belonged on a front-row forward. And then I check the below-the-water shot and it’s got bloody rabbit ears in it!!

      • I think it is a great photo shows he cares and is feeling relaxed enough now to do that! What a great New Year’s Day xoxo

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