Happy New Year! (plus how the stars celebrated)

How did you ring in 2016?

DD and I crashed a party held by my sister’s friends. So many lovely, friendly people and THE BEST slow-cooked beef brisket sliders with mac ‘n’ cheese and coleslaw. Mmmmmm.

At 9pm we nicked off to the harbour to watch the fireworks from DD’s favourite secret spot.




After (sorry about the crappy camera work!)

There were plans to drink champers in my sister’s spa afterwards, but we decided to head back to the party for a while … and then I was too shattered to do anything other than have an early night.

I’m such a party animal.

So DD watched the midnight fireworks on the lounge with Charlie and Bilbo and I went to bed.

Poor DD.

The celebs, on the other hand, went all out.

Here are some of their party pics … (check back later in the day for the midnight-in-Hollywood ones)

Hope the headaches aren’t too bad this morning …


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (plus how the stars celebrated)

    • Isn’t it funny as you get older that lack of sleep can be just as horrid feeling as a hangover. I got about 7 hours last night so I’m feeling slightly more human than yesterday

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