“Wow! That’s way bigger than I was expecting.”

Blardy hell it was hot yesterday.

So. Stinking. Hot.

I sweated my way to the hospital for an icky pelvic ultrasound, which revealed my 4cm fibroid has grown merrily over the past year and is now a 9cm fibroid.

Downside: I’m going back to the gyno on Monday to try and stave off muffler-removal-through-tailpipe surgery.

Upside: the fibroid is so big the operator didn’t need to do an internal ultrasound with the nasty stick thingy.

Rewinding five days … I was lying in bed on Sunday night feeling my sore tummy when I discovered a whopping big mass under my caesarean scar and promptly decided I was dying.

Cue three days of insomnia before I finally pulled myself together and stopped over-thinking.

I went to my doctor and did my usual “I’m probably being a hypochondriac …” routine. He got me to lie on the examination table, palpitated my lower abdomen and said “Wow! That’s way bigger than I was expecting.”

He pegged my womb at the size of a 16-week pregnancy.

As I exited the surgery, I called DD to share the news that my womb was the size of a 16-week pregnancy.

There was deathly silence on the other end of the phone.

I really shouldn’t terrify a 52-year-old father of four by suggesting baby number five is on the way.

Ain’t nothing with a beating heart in this barren old womb.

I held a pity party for myself after the ultrasound and had a bit of a blub.

Why does life have to be so bloody complicated? Huh?

DD tried to cheer me up by researching alternatives to hysterectomies. He’s gunning for a UFE, which cuts the blood supply off to the fibroid and shrinks it.

I will run that past my gyno and see what he has to say. My gyno thinks it’s bizarre how frantically I’m resisting a hysterectomy. He reckons they’re god’s gift to women.

But I’ve decided I’m very attached to my dodgy womb and want to keep it.

Plus I’m scared about recovering from major abdominal surgery as a single mum.

Oh, one good thing happened yesterday. I got a letter informing me I was only being warned about speeding last Saturday night, not booked or fined. Phew!

Anyone been through the same thing? Advice welcome …



8 thoughts on ““Wow! That’s way bigger than I was expecting.”

  1. Hi Alana,
    I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago for exactly the same reason, with the same size fibroid. I had an incision similar to a caesarean. The surgery was on a Friday and I was home by 9am the following Monday. Recovery was swift. I returned to work 2 weeks post surgery. As you are fit I think you would have a quick recovery also. Best thing I ever did. Best of luck to you.
    PS. I love your blog.

    • Thank you Josephine – it’s kinda scary how many people are pro-hysterectomy, in terms of them having good outcomes and urging me to do it. I’m glad you enjoy the blog!!!

  2. I am in exactly the same boat with my enormous 5 month pregnant uterus. (I win – not that it’s something that you want to win). And I don’t want surgery because those damned fibroids are supposed to shrink once you go through menopause so I figure that sitting it out and lugging it around for a few more years is better than abdominal surgery. Actually my real reason is because I don’t want to have to miss any running – I’ve had a really good year and this would be a pretty big set-back.

    • Gawd, does it hurt when you run? Mine is giving me occasional pain. That was one of the reasons I put off the hysterectomy earlier this year – I was the fittest I’d been in my life, didn’t want to lose it. Am not quite so fit now – very hard to squeeze in exercise when working so much. But still not keep on surgery.

      • No it doesn’t hurt when I run but sometimes on my long run days it’s a bit achey at the end of the day. I guess having that big lump bumping up and down in my pelvis could have that effect.

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